Saturday, July 24, 2021

U.S. Launches Airstrikes Against Taliban Forces; Afghanistan’s Disintegration Exposes the Myth of U.S. “training”, and related stories

AP Photo/Tariq Achkzai
U.S. launches airstrikes against Taliban forces:
The U.S. military revealed Wednesday that it had launched a series of airstrikes against several targets in Afghanistan to support the government in Kabul in its fight against Taliban insurgents, even with President Biden’s withdrawal order nearly completed.
Pentagon officials would not discuss details of the strikes, the first since operations in Afghanistan were handed over to U.S. Central Command. They did say Marine Corps Gen. Frank McKenzie, who now oversees all military operations in the Middle East, has the authority to launch such missions.
Even with the U.S. and foreign troop withdrawal from Afghanistan largely completed, U.S. officials insist the military can launch aircraft from other locations in the Middle East, including aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. launched the airstrikes after the radical Islamist insurgency scored major battlefield gains against the armies of the U.S.-backed Kabul government. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Rahmat Gul, File
Afghanistan’s disintegration exposes the myth of U.S. ‘training’:
As the experiment in Afghanistan falls apart like Ikea furniture, American’s central planners are doing what they do best: Pointing the finger instead of the thumb. Whether you’re an Afghan tribesman or U.S. citizen, when Washington fails to run your life better than you do, it’s not their fault. Even in the face of collapse, they double down, convinced that they could train anyone to sit, roll over and speak for a handful of Scooby Snacks.
“Training” is a magic word to bureaucrats, the dismal record of government schools notwithstanding. If they can just cram enough human guinea pigs into a classroom, they’re sure they can turn coal miners and Pashtuns into programmers. Never mind that any teacher, parent, or pee-wee football coach knows that motivation is the key to achievement.
No, these apparatchiks close their eyes to the fact that we are individuals who choose jobs we find rewarding or for which we have God-given talent. To them, we’re just numbered drones out of Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” flash drives to plug into any USB.
According to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, the U.S. spent $88 billion “training, equipping and funding Afghan military and police.” But few applicants seem to have actually wanted those jobs since those are the very forces disintegrating before the Taliban onslaught, dropping their guns on a scale not seen since France in 1940. --->READ MORE HERE
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