Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Trump Rips ‘through the roof’ Crime in NYC, Other Democrat-Led Cities; NYC Crime Wave Triggers Rethink of Racial-Justice Policing Changes: ‘They made a mistake’; After 100 Shot in Chicago, Mayor Lightfoot Blames Congress, and related stories

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Trump rips ‘through the roof’ crime in NYC, other Democrat-led cities:
Former President Donald Trump is ripping Democrat-run cities across the country for sidelining police, saying crime, especially in New York, has gone “through the roof,” and demanding police be given back their authority.
”Chicago, take a look at the numbers. They had 260 people shot on the Fourth of July weekend. New York, through the roof​.​ Take a look at Los Angeles — what is going on in Los Angeles with the crime. And Oakland and Baltimore​,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Nation that aired Monday.
”What you have to do is have to give the police back their authority,” he said
The former president said, “New York is totally out of control” ​because there is “no more cash bail” and “all they do is go after Republicans.”
New York state passed a series of criminal justice reforms in late 2019 that included new bail reforms that allow suspects accused of more than 400 nonviolent offenses ​– like robbery and burglary — ​to walk free without posting a penny to ensure their return to court. --->READ MORE HERE
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NYC crime wave triggers rethink of racial-justice policing changes: ‘They made a mistake’:
Stray bullets in Times Square and widespread violence in the city are evoking New York’s bleakest days, forcing leaders to fine-tune recent changes to policing and rethink revolving-door policies that send prisoners back to the ZIP codes where they committed crimes.
The debate is playing out amid a mayoral race that could pit a retired police captain against a GOP nominee who’s been a public safety advocate for decades.
The New York Police Benevolent Association and other lobbies say anti-police rhetoric is driving cops and detectives to quit or seek early retirement, weakening their ability to fight the crime wave. But a reversal of New York bail reforms tops their wish list.
They say the bail reforms, enacted at the state level in January 2020 to help defendants who cannot afford release pending trial, are handcuffing judges who want to keep dangerous suspects locked up. --->READ MORE HERE
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