Sunday, July 4, 2021

The Veep from Veep: Harris Can’t Fix Her Office, Much Less the Border; Report: Democrats Fear Kamala Harris Can’t Beat Any GOPer in 2024, Including Trump; Half A Million Illegals Crossed Since Harris Named Border "Czar", and related stories

Joshua Roberts/Reuters
The Veep from Veep
Kamala Harris can’t fix her office, much less the border
President Joe Biden has a problem, and her name is Kamala Harris. The vice president has become a comic figure in today’s Washington — a politician given to missteps and unforced errors who inspires neither loyalty nor trust within her inner circle. She might have been Biden’s safest pick for running mate. But now she’s a liability for both the president and the Democratic Party.
It’s not just that Harris is unpopular. Her unique combination of falsity and incompetence generates negative press and endangers her dreams of succeeding Biden. For Harris, the month of June has been an extended replay of highlights from Veep, the HBO comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a clueless and floundering politician on the make. Only Harris isn’t laughing.
Her favorability among registered voters is seven points underwater in the latest Economist/YouGov survey. Biden’s approval, by contrast, is split even: 48 percent approve, and 48 percent disapprove. More worrisome for Harris is her “very unfavorable” rating. It’s at 40 percent. That’s three points higher than Biden’s number — and just three points short of Nancy Pelosi’s. --->READ MORE HERE
Democrats fear Kamala Harris can’t beat any GOPer in 2024, including Trump: report
Democrats are increasingly fearful Vice President Kamala Harris’ missteps will open the door for Republicans to regain the White House, a new report said Friday.
Dems, including senior White House officials, fear that Harris will lose to any Republican she faces — including former President Donald Trump — if President Biden does not seek reelection in 2024, Axios reported.
At 56, Harris is more than two decades Biden’s junior — and has been considered the heir apparent to the 46th president since he selected her to be his running mate last year.
While Harris will still be the presumptive nominee if Biden becomes the first president since Lyndon Johnson to not seek a second full term, Axios reports that a series of blunders have left officials and operatives concerned.
Right now, one operative told Axios, the feeling among Democrats isn’t “‘Oh, no, our heir apparent is f—ing up, what are we gonna do?’ It’s more that people think, ‘Oh, she’s f—ing up, maybe she shouldn’t be the heir apparent.'” --->READ MORE HERE
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