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NSA’s Spying on Tucker Carlson is an Attack on All Americans; Carlson Says NSA Leaked His Private Email to Use as Leverage Against Him; NSA Does Not Deny Reading Tucker Carlson’s Emails, and related stories

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NSA’s spying on Tucker Carlson is an attack on all Americans:
In March 2017, I received a tip from a friend in the intelligence community that the British Government Communications Headquarters, or GCHQ — the United Kingdom’s domestic and foreign spies — had been asked by the CIA to spy on candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S presidential election campaign. He elaborated that Trump’s claim that “someone tapped my wires” was essentially true. The tip was potentially explosive, so I ran it past two other friends in the intelligence community, and they confirmed it.
When I went public with this, all hell broke loose in my professional life. The British spies denied spying on Trump, who by then was the president of the United States. Former Obama administration folks denied asking the Brits to do this and denied that it was done.
I was accused of fabricating this so as to make Mr. Trump look good. The prime minister of the U.K. had one of her deputies call my bosses at Fox News and demand that I recant what I had said or be fired. Fox asked me to lay low for 10 days, which I did, but Fox backed me when I explained the verifications conducted by my sources. --->READ MORE from Andrew P. Napolitano HERE
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Tucker Carlson says NSA leaked his private email to use as leverage against him:
Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed Wednesday that the U.S. National Security Agency leaked to journalists the contents of his private correspondence.
Mr. Carlson made the assertion while appearing on Fox News’s sister channel more than a week since the conservative commentator first accused the NSA of illegally monitoring his electronic communications.
“I learned that — and this is going to come out soon — that the NSA leaked the contents of my email to journalists in an effort to discredit me,” Mr. Carlson told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo.
“I know because I got a call from one of them saying ‘Oh, this is what your email was about’,” added Mr. Carlson, the host of the popular “Tucker Carlson Tonight” primetime opinion program.
Mr. Carlson said he received the call Tuesday night shortly before his latest show aired. He did not identify the caller or provide any evidence the conversation occurred.
“I got a call before air, like 7:15, from a journalist I know and like – not many left – but I do like this person, and he repeated back to me what’s in my email,” Mr. Carlson continued. --->READ MORE HERE
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