Friday, July 16, 2021

Kamala in Crisis; Harris Slammed for Saying Voter-ID Laws Wouldn’t Work for Rural Voters ; Kamala Harris Claims It’s ‘Almost Impossible’ For Rural Americans To Make A Photocopy, and other Harris related stories

Kamala in crisis:
Vice President Kamala Harris has had a tough go of it in the media lately. Deputized to deal with the crisis at the border, she has become the public face of the Biden administration’s biggest policy and public-relations problem.
Harris and her team have protested that her task is really to deal with the root causes of the migration surge — humanitarian and economic problems in the migrants’ countries of origin, they say — while the Department of Homeland Security handles the border itself.
But her first diplomatic trip of that mission was widely panned as well. By the time she made an actual border visit, only after former President Donald Trump announced Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had invited him to go, she had already scoffed that she hadn’t been to Europe either, so she didn’t understand the question.
Harris’s interviews became an issue. “There are now concerns that some of that progress may have been overshadowed by her answers to some of these questions that her team knew that she would be facing,” CNN’s Jeremy Diamond reported. “And all of this has left some administration officials perplexed and the vice president's team frustrated.”
Then came reports that Harris’s office was a difficult place to work. “People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses, and it’s an abusive environment,” a source told Politico, which described the workplace as “rife with dissent.” --->READ MORE HERE
Harris slammed for saying voter-ID laws wouldn’t work for rural voters:
Vice President Kamala Harris was criticized Saturday for suggesting that rural Americans wouldn’t be able to comply with new voter-ID laws because they lack photocopying equipment.
Harris was asked on BET-TV about whether she believes there is room for compromise with Republicans on measures requiring voters to include a copy of identification with their ballots.
“I don’t think that we should underestimate what that could mean, because, in some people’s mind, that means, well, you’re going to have to Xerox or photocopy your ID to send it in to prove that you are who you are,” the Democrat told host Soledad O’Brien in an interview aired Friday night. --->READ MORE HERE
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