Tuesday, July 27, 2021

House Republicans Challenge Caught-and-Released Migrants’ Ability to Fly on U.S. Airlines; Cawthorn Bill Would Ban Using Federal Funds to Compensate Airlines for Illegal Immigrant Flights, and related stories

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House Republicans challenge caught-and-released migrants’ ability to fly on U.S. airlines:
House Republicans demanded answers from Homeland Security on Tuesday on why undocumented immigrants caught and released at the border are able to board commercial flights, going deeper into the U.S.
The lawmakers, led by Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas, pointed to Transportation Security Administration rules that require adult passengers to show valid ID, and said it’s “unclear” how those who jumped the border without permission have the right documentation to get on a flight.
That’s particularly true for tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants who have been released over the last four months without an official Notice to Appear (NTA).
An NTA is a summons for immigration court, but it can also serve as a form of ID for Homeland Security. But the border surge has so overwhelmed the Border Patrol that it was unable to issue NTAs to migrants it was catching and releasing. --->READ MORE HERE
Cawthorn bill would ban using federal funds to compensate airlines for illegal immigrant flights
Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a North Carolina Republican, on Thursday introduced a bill that would forbid the use of federal funds to compensate airlines that transport illegal immigrants throughout the country.
If the legislation, dubbed the No-Fly for Illegals Act, was to be enacted, the government would be banned from picking up the tab for migrant air travel, provided that "the presence of such alien in the United States is unlawful," a copy of the proposal, which was obtained by the Washington Examiner, read. The bill makes exceptions if the flight serves to expel the illegal immigrants from the country or if it protects the person "from an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of the alien," including hospital visits.
“Illegal immigrants are being flown to, and relocated across, our once secure nation with no regard to our nation’s laws or families safety," Cawthorn said in a statement. "I’m deeply troubled by the reports regarding the crisis at our southern border and the dangerous and unlawful immigration policies of the Biden administration. Under President Trump, we saw a secure border. Under President Biden, we see no border at all. I refuse to watch illegal aliens be unlawfully flown and relocated to our beautiful states on the taxpayer’s dollar. This is why I introduced the No-Fly for Illegals Act.”
COVID-19 does not constitute an "imminent threat to ... life or physical safety," according to the bill. --->READ MORE HERE
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