Friday, July 9, 2021

Did You Miss The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Labeling Trump Voters Enemies Of The State?' America’s Top General Mark Milley Cloaks His Leadership Failures With Woke Politics, and related stories

Did You Miss The Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff Labeling Trump Voters Enemies Of The State?
For years, I admired Gen. Mark Milley and defended him in conversations when others attacked him as being too political. No more. The breaking point was Milley’s recent testimony before Congress. Others have pointed out much of what was wrong with his testimony. But the worst part has gone unnoticed and unremarked.
It was not his statement that “thousands of people” assaulted the U.S. Capitol building. Nor was it his fabrication of “white rage” as the cause for the January 6 riot at the capitol. It was not even his false equivalency of officers who have studied Mao Zedong in order to understand their enemies with the current exhortations to read unabashed race-baiters and other charlatans, not to understand our enemies, but because many in the government, including in the military, are promoting their propaganda.
No, the most dangerous aspect of this testimony by the highest-ranking officer in the U.S. military was validating the use of military personnel and lethal military force against political opponents of the administration. Is that a stretch, you may ask? No, if we take Milley at his word, it is the inevitable conclusion that follows from his testimony. Here is why.
The oath of office to which Milley and every officer in the U.S. military swears upon his or her commissioning is a solemn oath to defend “the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Military officers take that oath very seriously. It is not something that Milley or any other officer parrots and then forgets. --->READ MORE HERE
Domenech: America’s Top General Mark Milley Cloaks His Leadership Failures With Woke Politics:
Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech discussed Gen. Mark Milley and the increasingly partisan nature of the U.S. military on Fox News Monday evening. The top official made headlines last week when he showed contempt for congressional Republicans questioning him on critical race theory’s infiltration of the armed forces.
“General Milley’s record of achievements, such as they are, include episodes of profound blundering — a persistent misunderstanding of the national interest,” Domenech said. “And a dangerous willingness to politicize the army of the United States.”
“Don’t misunderstand me,” Domenech continued, after laying out several examples of the general’s failure to successfully perform his duties. “Mark Milley isn’t even slightly unusual in his sphere. Our armed forces remains a stronghold of brave patriots. But once you get that first star on, things change. Advancement becomes about subjective politics, not empirical outcomes. When your next job and your next promotion depend on a vote of the United States Senate, their priorities become your own, and you start to resemble a senator more and more, and a general less and less.” --->READ MORE HERE
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