Thursday, July 15, 2021

Democrats Quietly Plotting to Slip Massive Amnesty into Budget Reconciliation Bill; Border Crisis 'about to get a lot worse' if Dems Push 'massive amnesty' Plan, and related stories

Democrats Quietly Plotting to Slip Massive Amnesty into Budget Reconciliation Bill: 
As the Biden Border Crisis continues with no end in sight, Senate Democrats are working around the clock to inject amnesty into a massive spending bill they are selling as an “infrastructure package.”
The bill is slated to be advanced through the little-known budget reconciliation process, which allows the party in power to pass legislation related to the budget with only a simple majority, bypassing the traditional 60 vote threshold. However, the budget reconciliation process has complex requirements, and it is not certain that the Senate parliamentarian would agree to including amnesty.
The amnesty push accelerated when Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT), released a draft of a $6 trillion reconciliation budget blueprint, which includes $126 billion to put approximately 5 million illegal aliens on a pathway to citizenship. While this proposal is only the start of the budget reconciliation process, the addition of immigration components is a dangerous first step toward amnesty for millions with nothing in return. --->READ MORE HERE
Border crisis 'about to get a lot worse' if Dems push 'massive amnesty' plan: Tom Cotton
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., warned on "America's Newsroom" Thursday that the migrant crisis at the southern border "is about to get a lot worse" if Democrats pursue including a "massive" amnesty plan in their upcoming budget reconciliation package.
Sen. Tom Cotton: This crisis is about to get a lot worse, Dana. It is the result of Joe Biden's rhetoric and his policies. First, he promised open borders in the campaign. All those migrants heard it. When I was at the border a few months ago, I spoke to several of them and asked them why they came. They all gave some answer, like "Joe Biden" or "I could get in now." Second, he reversed a lot of highly effective policies, most notably the remain in Mexico policy that required migrants seeking asylum to stay in Mexico, not to come to the country and live here so they could – for years where they had their claims adjudicated. But now we're about to have a situation where the Democrats are going to pursue amnesty in their coming budget bill. This is the word we've been getting over the last couple of weeks. The Democrats want to include a massive amnesty in that legislation that will simply act as a bigger magnet for more illegal immigration into this country. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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