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Cuban Uprising Should Serve as a Wake-Up Call to American Socialists; Socialism Has Failed Every Place and Time It Has Been Tried, and related stories

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Cuban uprising should serve as a wake-up call to American socialists:
‘We are not afraid! We are not afraid!”
“Freedom! Freedom!”
“Cuba isn’t yours,” Cuban protestors chanted in front of Communist Party buildings on the island, according to videos posted online that went viral Sunday.
Make no mistake — thousands of Cubans took to the streets on Sunday in at least 14 cities, in a police-controlled country that surveils and jails dissidents — to protest communism, not just the country’s abysmal COVID-19 response.
Cubans must stand in hours-long lines to buy simple necessities such as bread. They experience rolling blackouts as the country’s electric grid is overrun, suffering for hours in the scorching summer months, where it can be unbearable to live without a fan or air conditioner.
Government-run stores sell overpriced items in currencies the Cuban people don’t possess. Hospitals lack beds, stretchers, medication, and in some cases, running water. Scabies — a skin disease that can be easily treated with an antibiotic — has infested the island because drugs are not readily available. --->READ MORE HERE
Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Wash Times
Socialism has failed every place and time it has been tried:
Recent polls have shown rising support for socialism and an increasingly negative view of capitalism, particularly among the young. A poll in early June by Momentive found that for those 18 to 24, negative views of capitalism outweighed positive views by a margin of 54% to 42%.
Most of those who say they support socialism are probably unaware that it has failed every place and time that it has been tried.
They are also probably unaware that socialist countries of many different stripes managed to kill upwards of a hundred million of their own citizens over the last hundred years.
They may also not be aware that socialism relies on coercion to function – that part of the product that one person produces is given to another based on political or physical power. By contrast, capitalism relies on the voluntary exchange of goods and services, where a person tries to improve their own economic circumstance by serving the wants, needs and desires – without force. --->READ MORE HERE
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