Saturday, July 3, 2021

Buckle Up, Democrats. The Biden Border Backlash Is Coming, and CRT Will Make It Worse; The Biden-Harris Immigration Policy is Failing as Intended, and related stories

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Buckle Up, Democrats. The Biden Border Backlash Is Coming, and CRT Will Make It Worse:
While President Joe Biden may want to distract Americans from the border crisis and downplay the threats of Marxist critical race theory (CRT) and inflation, Americans know better. Most Americans recognize the border crisis as a serious issue, blame Biden’s policies for exacerbating it, and say Biden should return to former President Donald Trump’s policies on the border. Americans also worry about the threat of inflation and oppose CRT in schools.
At his speech on Saturday, Trump hit Biden on the border crisis and suggested that the crisis vindicated his successful policies — the policies Biden abandoned. A recent poll suggests Trump is correct.
Americans may give Biden a high approval rating overall (59 percent) in the new Harvard/Harris poll, but the poll also revealed serious cracks in his support and his message. Americans want Biden to work out a compromise deal with Republicans on infrastructure, and they are beginning to see the Republican Party more favorably.
An overwhelming majority (80 percent) of voters said that illegal immigration is either a very serious (43 percent) or a somewhat serious (37 percent) issue, and most voters (63 percent) correctly said that the number of monthly illegal immigrant border crossings has increased since Biden took office. --->READ MORE HERE
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The Biden-Harris immigration policy is failing as intended:
The Biden immigration policy is appalling on its face, but looks can be deceiving. Despite the record surge of illegal entries wracking the U.S. southern border states during President Biden‘s still-fresh tenure, apparent failure appears intentional. Americans shouldn’t fall for the ruse.
Vice President Kamala Harris drew the short straw in the lottery to pick the administration’s immigration point person. Thus far, her thorniest dilemma since pulling the unenviable assignment nearly three months ago has been to dream up new ways of explaining why she hasn’t managed yet to see the border emergency for herself.
U.S. authorities recorded more than 180,000 border enforcement encounters in May, an eight-fold spike over the same month in 2020, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The thought, then, of standing in camera range of the trampled thoroughfares of human smuggling is ample motivation for the vice president to opt for southbound side excursions. During a coronavirus vaccination campaign stop in Greenville, S.C., on Monday, Ms. Harris was met with peeved demonstrators shouting, “Go to Texas,” and holding signs that read, “Border is That Way.” --->READ MORE HERE
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