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America’s Schools are Breeding Grounds for Socialists; More Than a Third of America’s Millennials Approve of Communism, and related stories

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America’s schools are breeding grounds for socialists
Abolitionist Teaching Network, the organization that President Biden’s administration cited as part of its Department of Education recommendations for in-person instruction this fall, is so far left of left that it makes the Democratic Socialists of America — another group that’s infiltrated the public schools — seem moderate.
Welcome to America’s public education system, a breeding ground for socialists.
A ground zero training site for cultural Marxism.
A brave new world of indoctrination of the children, so as to cripple and crumble what the left has long viewed as the cause of all that ails humanity — the Constitution, capitalism and the very ideal of American Exceptionalism, that individual rights come from God, not government.
Liberty is in peril.
Let the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s own statements convict of that warning. Type in “abolitionist teaching network” on Google, and the search result spits back: “Resources for Agitators.”
Since when are teachers supposed to be “agitators”?
The organization’s website also touts this mission — “to develop and support those in the struggle for educational freedom by utilizing the intellectual work and direct action of Abolitionists in many forms.” So much for reading, writing and ‘rithmetic. This is social justice training — code for socialism, code for cultural Marxism, code for collectivism — at an early age. --->READ MORE HERE
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More than a third of America’s millennials approve of communism:
Civics lessons must concentrate on relaying the atrocities of communist regimes
This month, 31-year-old Arizona state representative Daniel Hernandez (D-Tucson) mocked the notion that communist ideology was a threat to American society. He remarked in a jocular tone: “We keep hearing about the threat of communism,” that it’s a “great threat, it is such a bad threat. You know what’s a bigger threat? White nationalism.”
Mr. Hernandez’s comments drew the ire of state representative Quang Nguyen (R-Prescott Valley), who, at 12-years-old, left Tan Son Nhut airport in Vietnam a week before the fall of Saigon.
Mr. Nguyen responded to his Democratic colleague’s comments by recounting his own experience as a refugee: “So let me tell you something about white nationalism. White nationalism didn’t drown 250,000 Vietnamese in the South China Sea. The communists did. White nationalism did not execute 86,000 South Vietnamese at the fall of Saigon. Communists did. White nationalism did not put me here. Communism did. So, don’t take it lightly. Don’t mock me. Don’t mock what I go through in life. It’s rough. I lost most of my cousins, my family members due to communism. If we don’t stand up to teach communism to our children, we’ll lose this country. So sir, don’t mock me.”
As the memories of the Cold War fade, communism has slowly lost its negative connotation, particularly among more young Americans. A YouGov poll taken in 2019 found that more than a third of American millennials now approve of communism1. --->READ MORE HERE
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