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Woke Takeover of US Military Endangers Us All; For Americans To Respect The Military Again, More Than 15 Percent Of Republicans In Congress Need To Resist Its Cultural Marxism, and related stories

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Woke Takeover of US Military Endangers Us All
Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier was fired this month as commander of a U.S. Space Force unit. His “offense”? Speaking the truth about critical race theory’s rapid inroads among America’s armed forces.
The woke left views the military as a crucial ideological battlefield. And much of the brass and civilian leadership at the Pentagon are prepared to fight—on behalf of the woke cause. Lohmeier, it seems, was an early casualty in this ideological offensive, but likely not the last.
Imposing anti-American racial ideologies on our troops directly threatens our national security, by spreading ideas that undermine confidence in the principles underpinning our Constitution, trust in our system of government, and traditional values that promote unity, cohesion, and equality among service members. That’s classic critical race theory.
Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and space guardians take an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution and all that it stands for. Instructing them that our Constitution and the beliefs incorporated into it by the Founders were meant to perpetuate white supremacy is reprehensible; it cries for urgent congressional examination and pushback. Yet that’s precisely what troops are being taught, ­according to Lohmeier. --->READ MORE HERE
For Americans To Respect The Military Again, More Than 15 Percent Of Republicans In Congress Need To Resist Its Cultural Marxism:
By taking action, we can continue to preserve our military as the finest fighting the world has ever seen and a bulwark of our constitutional order.
Our institutions aren’t what they once were. Opinion polls show overwhelmingly that trust in the government, in Congress, and in business has fallen in previous years and remains low. One exception, however, is the military, which is consistently among our most respected institutions. This reputation has been hard-won, over decades of apolitical service to the nation. Americans recognize that service by honoring our servicemen and women and extending our armed forces enormous respect and deference.
Yet that legacy is now under attack. Our servicemen and women are the same selfless servants of our American republic that they have always been, but there is a growing movement among the climbers and the bureaucrats at the Department of Defense to turn the military into a tool of left-wing ideology.
Leftists have completed their long march through the universities, large corporations, and our primary and secondary education systems. They see the military as one of the last bastions to storm in order to make their cultural control over our society complete.
The sad thing is that the military is strong because it is apolitical. Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between recognize that its values are patriotism and its loyalty is to our Constitution. The moment these far-leftists are successful, they will destroy that respect, and with it, our ability to fight and win wars. So, while it gives me no pleasure, last week I and 29 colleagues felt that someone had to act before the hard left’s plans came to fruition without official objection. --->READ MORE HERE
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