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TRUMP NEWS: Trump: Biden Is ‘Destroying’ Our Country With ‘Failed Border Policies’; Says Biden ‘doesn’t want America to be a nation at all’ after ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy Dropped, and 8 other Trump related stories

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Trump: Biden Is ‘Destroying’ Our Country With ‘Failed Border Policies’:
Former President Donald Trump on Saturday accused Joe Biden of “destroying” the United States with his administration’s “failed border policies,” in a wide-ranging interview that also saw him criticize the president for his handling of issues in the Middle East and China.
“If he would have done nothing, we would have had right now the strongest border in history,” Trump said in an interview with Dick Morris on Newsmax’s “Dick Morris Democracy.” “All he had to do is nothing.”
Since assuming office on Jan. 20, President Joe Biden has rescinded a number of his predecessor’s immigration and border policies.
Republican lawmakers have long argued that the burgeoning crisis is a result of Biden’s move to overturn several Trump-era immigration policies that helped curbed the flow of illegal border crossings. This includes his predecessor’s cornerstone Migrant Protection Protocol, which effectively ended the problematic “catch and release” policy, significantly stemming the number of illegal immigrants at the southern border in 2019. --->READ MORE HERE
Trump says Biden ‘doesn’t want America to be a nation at all’ after ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy dropped:
Former President Donald Trump criticized the Biden administration for ending the “Remain in Mexico" initiative, saying President Joe Biden "doesn’t want America to be a nation at all."
“Joe Biden is the first American President who doesn’t want America to be a nation at all,” Trump said in an emailed statement Wednesday, in reference to Biden's immigration policies.
“Remain in Mexico, also known as MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols), was not only a historic foreign policy triumph but one of the most successful border security programs anyone has ever put into effect anywhere,” Trump said.
“No American President had ever done more to defend the border and safeguard the whole immigration system,” he added.
The MPP was the cornerstone of Trump’s immigration policies, something he claims, “along with our Central America Safe Third agreements, asylum reforms, and expedited removal procedures,” helped drive immigration across the U.S.-Mexico border to “record lows.” --->READ MORE HERE
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