Wednesday, June 9, 2021

If COVID-19 emerged from a leaky lab, Beijing should pay; America needs a high-powered commission to probe the pandemic’s origins, and other C-Virus Updates

Hannah A. Bullock, Azaibi Tamin/CDC via AP
EDITORIAL: If COVID-19 emerged from a leaky lab, Beijing should pay:
The COVID-19 pandemic that arose 18 months ago has killed more than 3.5 million individuals worldwide. The daily body count is thankfully easing, and attention is shifting from solely saving lives to retracing the trail of death to its source. Finger-pointers can wind up digitally challenged, but avoiding future calamity means responsible parties must be held to account.
It is human nature for the guilty to avoid looking in the mirror. China, where the coronavirus inarguably originated, has made it clear that an apology is not forthcoming. As if the lack of Chinese contrition isn’t maddening enough, Beijing has stated that it will no longer cooperate with any investigation into the virus’ origin.
However, China cannot force the world to unlearn what it already knows. As The Washington Times reported Friday, U.S. intelligence agencies have identified a virus strain studied in the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a possible “backbone for the creation of a pathogenic chimeric virus,” pointing to an experimental rather than a natural cause. This echoes what Bill Gertz wrote in The Washington Times in January 2020, and no amount of silencing by Facebook and other media outlets will alter the truth. --->READ MORE HERE
America needs a high-powered commission to probe the pandemic’s origins:
President Joe Biden has ordered US intelligence agencies to do a 90-day investigation into the signs COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab. But the country (indeed, the world) needs more: a full, high-powered probe by the likes of the 9/11 Commission to determine the pandemic’s origins.
The intel community alone can’t do the job and will be far too prone to keeping secret things the public needs to know as well as to inter-agency negotiations that have nothing to do with getting to the truth.
Indeed, The New Yorker’s reporting indicates that some forces inside the government don’t want key questions asked, lest they reveal that US taxpayers helped fund research that created the plague.
The situation demands a commission called by an act of Congress, with full cooperation from the entire executive branch and granted the power to access all documents and witnesses it deems necessary, with no exceptions even in the name of national security. --->READ MORE HERE
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