Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Doctors Without Borders Details Rape, Murder of Migrants Heading Toward U.S.; Arrests of Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Backgrounds Surge 900% in this Texas Sector, and related stories

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Doctors Without Borders details rape, murder of migrants heading toward U.S.:
A U.S. congressman’s shocking account last week of migrant abuse in Panama, including incidences of babies being washed downriver, is being echoed in a new report from Doctors Without Borders, which says staffers in the region are seeing a stunning number of sexual assaults of migrant women.
The humanitarian group said it sent medics to Bajo Chiquito, the village migrants arrive at after crossing the treacherous wilderness jungle of the Darien Gap, which lies on the border between Panama and Colombia. Migrants coming north from South America have to either boat around the jungle or cross it — the cheaper, but far more dangerous option.
“The walk can take between five and 10 days, depending on whether it’s the dry or rainy season. We’ve been told about instances of violence and robberies, and a lack of food and water,” said Raul Lopez, a project coordinator for the doctors’ group. “Our patients have seen other migrants who have not been able to carry on due to exhaustion or who have drowned in the rising rivers.”
A big concern, he said, was the number of women they are treating for sexual assault. The first day they were in Bajo Chiquito they recorded five cases of women assaulted in the previous three days, which means in the Darien Gap. --->READ MORE HERE
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Arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds surge 900% in this Texas sector:
Border Patrol agents in one sector of Texas have seen a staggering 900 percent increase in arrests of illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds since this time last year, according to Customs and Border Protection.
In a release put out by CBP Thursday, the agency said it had arrested 760 undocumented individuals since October in the Laredo sector of the Lone Star State.
That’s up from 60 arrests in the same time last year.
The group includes gang members and sex offenders.
Just one day after that notice was released, authorities in Bexar County, Texas, are searching for upwards of 80 migrants being trafficked after an air-conditioned truck was found abandoned just outside San Antonio. --->READ MORE HERE
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