Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Coming Soon: China's Navy Patrolling Off New York; China Reveals "God Of War" Stealth Bomber, and other China related stories

Coming Soon: China's Navy Patrolling Off New York:
China is scouting for a naval base on the west coast of Africa. In the near future, therefore, Chinese ships could be regularly patrolling off America's East Coast.
In recent testimony before the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, General Stephen Townsend, commander of U.S. Africa Command, has been sounding the alarm.
At the moment, China's only offshore military base is in Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa. The facility is near some of the world's busiest shipping routes, including those going through the Suez Canal.
Townsend believes the People's Liberation Army Navy is surveying locations on Africa's west coast, from Mauritania in the north to Namibia in the south. "Now they're casting their gaze to the Atlantic coast and wanting to get such a base there," the general told the Associated Press.
Africa is important in its own right. "Located at the crossroads of the world, Africa watches over strategic choke points including the Strait of Gibraltar, the Strait of Sicily, the Red Sea, the Bab al Mandeb, and the Mozambique Channel," General Townsend pointed out in a publicly released 2021 Posture Statement for Congress. "The land mass of Africa is larger than the United States, China, India, Japan, and most of Europe combined." --->READ MORE HERE
China Reveals "God Of War" Stealth Bomber:
It's been common knowledge the US-China relationship could be described as one that is in a "Cold War." The great power competition between the two, as China (the rising power) and the US (the status quo), are engaged in a titanic power struggle.
The battleground for global supremacy will come down to economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power, which China is quickly gaining on the US.
Chinese President Xi Jinping's rapid military modernization effort has beefed up its force with advanced technology, such as fifth-generation fighter jets, drones, and hypersonic weapons. Last October, he said China would never allow its sovereignty, security, and interests to be undermined.
The latest sign China continues to advance at full speed is the revelation of a new 5000-mile range stealth bomber capable of striking US military assets in the Pacific.
The latest edition of Chinese Modern Weaponry magazine revealed new computer-generated images of the country's next-generation Xian H-20 strategic bomber. --->READ MORE HERE
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