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Border Surge Sends Prices Soaring; Smugglers Can Earn $200,000; In Biden’s America, Illegal Border Crossings Surge Higher Than They’ve Been In 15 Years; Smugglers Openly Advertise Illegal Border Crossings on Facebook, and related stories

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EXCLUSIVE: Border surge sends prices soaring; smugglers can earn $200,000:
Cartels, smugglers on track for biggest payday in history
Victoria Perez spent 10 months as a migrant smuggler. When agents finally caught up with her, she told them she had made $200,000 over that time, working two days a week, driving migrants through a Border Patrol highway checkpoint near El Paso, Texas.
She charged $1,500 per person when the checkpoint was operating but only $600 when the checkpoint was closed because the risk was low and the roads were wide open, she told agents.
The $200,000 she earned for what was essentially part-time work exceeds the annual salary of a member of Congress. It works out to three times the starting pay for a Border Patrol agent.
Perez was, in essence, a gig worker, contracting herself as a driver for a much larger organization.
It has become an accepted part of border wisdom that the surge of illegal immigrants is enriching the cartels. That’s true to some extent, but most of the money ends up not in the hands of the Gulf Cartel or Zetas, but in the pockets of people like Perez.--->READ MORE HERE
In Biden’s America, Illegal Border Crossings Surge Higher Than They’ve Been In 15 Years:
Preliminary data from Customs and Border Protection obtained by Axios indicates the number of illegal aliens coming into the United States from Mexico is the highest since 2006, with four months remaining in the fiscal year.
Since Oct. 1, 2020, nearly 1 million migrants have been apprehended by CBP. Last month alone, 170,000 people were captured, marking a 20-year high. While the majority of migrants are coming in from Mexico (40 percent), others have flooded in from Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, and Haiti, as well as the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
This is the third consecutive month CBP has recorded more than 170,000 border-crossings, which has not occurred since 2000. About 6,000 migrants were apprehended daily at the border in April, while March saw about 5,560 each day.
“In just five sectors, more than 32,000 Ecuadorians have been encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border this fiscal year,” Axios noted. “About 13,000 Brazilians have been stopped in the Yuma, Arizona, sector alone, on top of about 7,000 in two other sectors, according to the data. There were fewer than 40,000 migrants not from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador encountered by border officials for the entire fiscal year of 2018.” --->READ MORE HERE
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