Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Biden's Meaningless Meeting with Putin; Biden’s Russian Collusion; What does Russia have on Joe Biden? and other Russia related stories

Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Wash Times
Biden's meaningless meeting with Putin:
The shirtless, horseback-riding Russian strongman and our shaky, ice cream cone-eating president will meet this month. It shouldn’t happen. Leaders carry a big stick, but President Biden seems to think he can reinforce American hegemony with carrots and toothpicks.
Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush all negotiated with Russian leaders from a position of strength. Russian President Vladimir Putin knows Mr. Biden has no such ability. His hands are tied by globalists in his increasingly left-wing dominated party who would gladly cede U.S. policy to multilateral organizations. Others in Mr. Biden’s orbit favor a strategy of appeasement to ensure focus on a radical domestic agenda.
The American president still holds all the right cards, but Mr. Biden’s weakness means Mr. Putin comes into this meeting with a head of steam.
Russia has roughly the same GDP as Spain. It’s not a top-10 world economy and likely will never be. While Putin has invested in military infrastructure to help modernize aging systems and fleets, Russia’s military spending at this point is roughly the same as the United Kingdom and less than one-third that of China. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Alexei Druzhinin/Sputnik/AFP/ Getty
Biden’s Russian Collusion
Is Joe Biden a Russian asset?
After reading this tale of three pipelines, that unhappy ending will be hard to avoid.
First, on Jan. 20, Biden’s first afternoon as president, he ditched the Trump-approved Keystone XL pipeline. Some 11,000 high-paying jobs, many unionized, vanished.
While these suddenly unemployed Americans sulked, Russian President Vladimir Putin cheered. By trapping Canadian oil underground, Keystone’s cancellation curbed long-term supplies of crude oil. This boosted global prices for Russia’s key export. Indeed, for this and other reasons, crude has crept from $53 per barrel at Biden’s inauguration to $67 Thursday—up 26%.
Second, Colonial Pipeline shut itself down May 7 after a ransomware attack. Carteresque gasoline lines soon stretched from Georgia to Washington, D.C. Biden stayed mum until May 10, when he tepidly exonerated the Kremlin.
“So far, there is no evidence, based on our intelligence people, that Russia is involved,” Biden said. Officials blame DarkSide’s private sector e-thieves, not state-sponsored saboteurs.
OK, but where was Biden’s outrage? Where were Biden’s public demands that Putin deploy his secret police to smoke out these cyberhoods and extradite them for U.S. interrogation and prosecution? --->READ MORE HERE
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