Sunday, June 27, 2021

Biden To Blame Crime Wave On Guns Rather Than Post-Protest Tolerance For Lawlessness; Biden Lies, People Die: Gun Control Isn't Going to Fix the BLM Crime Wave, and related stories

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Biden to blame crime wave on guns rather than post-protest tolerance for lawlessness:
President Biden on Wednesday will unveil a “zero tolerance” policy for “rogue” gun dealers accused of violating rules as his administration blames a national crime wave on guns and the COVID-19 pandemic rather than big-city pushes to defund the police and increased tolerance for lawlessness following nationwide police brutality protests.
The zero-tolerance policy will be enforced by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — which may soon be led by David Chipman, an anti-gun activist whom gun rights groups are seeking to block from Senate confirmation.
The policy could have a significant impact on federally licensed gun dealers. In fiscal 2020, for example, the ATF performed nearly 6,000 inspections of licensees and found violations in about 44 percent of cases, though most received warnings or no penalty and just 136 of 2,550 violators lost their licenses.
Biden will announce the policy during a Wednesday speech addressing the surge in murders, shootings and certain other forms of violent crime, such as carjackings. The speech will also underscore that localities can use COVID-19 relief funds approved in March “to hire more officers” for police forces, a senior White House official said. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden Lies, People Die: Gun Control Isn't Going to Fix the BLM Crime Wave:
The BLM crime wave is bad. It's so bad that the issue is starting to show up in local elections. Like New York City's mayoral race. Polls showing that growing numbers of voters are worried about crime.
The Biden administration used its media to hype some sort of plan to take on the crime wave. No one was too surprised when instead of dealing with crime, the White House pivoted back to the only crime issue that lefties still care about, gun control.
Gun control isn't fixing this.
There were no major gun laws that changed in 2020. What did change was that the Black Lives Matter riots and the political penetration of the culture by critical race theory pushed police defunding.
While blue cities and states locked down, they also freed thousands of criminals, and stopped arresting them. --->READ MORE HERE
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