Thursday, May 27, 2021

TRUMP NEWS: Even Without Social Media, Trump Finds a Way to Shape the News; If Trump Were to Run In 2024, New Poll Shows He Would Dominate the Race, and 10 other Trump related stories

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Even Without Social Media, Trump Finds a Way to Shape the News​::
Tim Murtaugh served as communications director for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign last year, witnessing firsthand how a single tweet could dominate the news cycle. Now, with Trump banished from social media platforms, the former president is still finding a way to wield his influence.
Through daily postings on current events and political issues, Trump is once again commanding attention. Murtaugh, a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation and Daily Signal contributor, explains what it means on the latest episode of “The Daily Signal Podcast.”
“President Trump absolutely has a way of throwing a wrench into a news cycle if he so chooses,” Murtaugh tells me. “And as much as the media likes to pretend that, oh, they hate President Trump and they’re tired of the tone and the mean tweets and all that stuff, they can’t get enough. And so when he puts out statements, it really does roil the news cycle for that given day.”
Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript. --->READ MORE HERE
If Trump Were to Run In 2024, New Poll Shows He Would Dominate the Race:
Perhaps the positive results of this new poll will finally lead Donald Trump to throw his hat into the ring for the 2024 presidential election.
The former president has previously said that he is looking at the possibility “very seriously” but “it’s a little too soon” to announce his campaign.
The May 2021 poll shows that Donald Trump would come out on top as the winner if he were to run in the 2024 presidential election against Vice President Kamala Harris.
When polling likely voters for the general election, national survey research company McLaughlin & Associates discovered that more than three-quarters of Republicans would vote for Trump. In fact, an astounding 83 percent of likely Republican voters would cast their ballots for Trump in the general election.
Trump has nearly unanimous support in the Republican Party and seems to be favored above all other potential Republican candidates. --->READ MORE HERE
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