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The PRO Act Will Kill My Family's Business; The PRO Act: Labor’s Pandora’s Box; Republicans Introduce Bill to Counter PRO Act on Joint Employer Standard, and related stories

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The PRO Act will kill my family's business:
It sacrifices contractors, freelancers and small businesses to protect organized labor from 'greedy' corporate America
My father Chris started his business, ATM Detailing, when I was very little. As I grew, so did the business. It was a staple of my childhood, where my dad was able to teach me skills in entrepreneurship, accounting and business. In high school, it was my part-time job. I cleaned ATMs and removed oil stains in the teller lanes of bank branches. It was dirty work, but I could set my own hours, which I would brag about to my friends working in fast food. I was my own boss.
Fast forward 10 years — my dad’s business, along with millions of others, are under threat from Congress and the PRO Act. This “pro-labor” bill is anything but pro-labor. In fact, it sacrifices independent contractors, freelancers and the small businesses that rely on them in the name of protecting organized labor from “greedy” corporate America. The PRO Act passed the House in March and is now waiting for Senate deliberations. But if the Senate is wise, it’ll kill this bill where it stands.
My family is particularly concerned with one piece of the bill that states that an employee can only be considered an independent contractor if “the service is performed outside the usual course of the business of the employer.” By that standard, none of the workers my family hires would qualify as independent contractors because their work cleaning ATMs is a part of the usual course of business. In order to keep them on, they’d all have to be regarded as regular employees.
Why’s that a problem? Just ask my dad. --->READ MORE HERE
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The PRO Act: Labor’s Pandora’s Box:
Union wish list boasts terrible ideas ranging from card check to ending independent contractors.
The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act), a bill just passed by the House of Representatives on March 8 and now headed for the Senate, is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever introduced. If enacted in its present form, it would repeal much of the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act and permanently enshrine in law a total imbalance in the relationship between unions and employers.
“While claiming to be pro-worker, we firmly believe today’s legislation is a grab-bag of harmful policies that would deprive millions of workers of their privacy and fundamentally alter our nation’s system of labor relations,” observes U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s senior vice president Glenn Spencer.
Colleen Naumovich and David Pryzbylski, attorneys with the law firm of Barnes & Thornburg, warn employers, “Whether you are a unionized or non-union organization, there are many provisions within the act that would decrease your management flexibility on a number of fronts.”
What the PRO Act proposes to do: --->READ MORE HERE
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