Monday, May 24, 2021

The Democrats Have a Kamala Harris Problem; Democrats Bewildered at the Unpopularity of Her; Everyone Hates Her, and related stories

The Democrats Have a Kamala Harris Problem:
It seems indisputable that the Democratic Party has a real interest in Harris being more popular than she is.
Americans have never much liked Kamala Harris. Despite being theoretically well-placed to dominate the 2020 Democratic primary, she dropped out of the race in December of 2019 with just 3 percent support nationally and about 7 percent support in her home state of California. Now holding the vice presidency, Harris remains impressively unbeloved. Per a recent YouGov poll, her net approval rating is ten points underwater among all voters and 25 points underwater among independents, 44 percent of whom say they have a “very unfavorable” opinion. For a vice president to engender such feelings — especially at this stage in the cycle — is unusual, to say the least.
Still, that Harris is unpopular should come as no great surprise, given that she somehow manages to combine into a single package a transparent insincerity, an unvarnished authoritarianism, and a tendency toward precisely the sort of self-satisfied progressivism that helped the Republicans to limit their losses at the last general election. If her apologists wish to, they can pretend that the reaction Harris yields is “gendered” or “systemic” or “inequitable” or whatever other bastardized academic term is fashionable this week, and they should feel free to knock themselves out doing so. Deep down, though, they must know that America isn’t the problem here. The problem is that Harris is a phony. It remains the case that, throughout her entire public career, almost nobody has looked at Kamala Harris and thought, “Yes, she’s the person we need to lead us.” Sure, she’s won a couple of elections. But even in deep blue California, she has struggled. Her 2010 victory in the attorney general’s race was decided by just 74,000 votes out of more than 9.6 million cast, and ended up being so close that it took three weeks before the result was finally clear. There is a reason that, having been picked as Biden’s running mate, Harris was quickly shoved offstage. --->READ MORE HERE
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Democrats Bewildered at the Unpopularity of Kamala Harris:
Democrats have been flogging the image of Kamala Harris for more than six months, trying to show Americans why she should be popular, and the public isn’t buying it.
The efforts and the expectations of success by Democrats say a lot about the party and their myopic view of the voters, which has cost them dearly during the last three national elections. A party that tells most voters they’re “racist” and says those same ordinary people must be cleansed of their “systemic racism” and delusions of “white supremacy” shouldn’t have to wonder why people don’t like them very much.
But the Democrats keep doubling down — as they did with Harris. The vice president is among the most unpopular vice presidents in modern history and, true to form, Democrats can’t figure out why on earth that might be true.
A recent YouGov poll revealed that Harris’s net approval rating is ten points underwater among all voters and 25 points underwater among independents, 44 percent of whom say they have a “very unfavorable” opinion of the vice president. --->READ MORE HERE
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