Thursday, May 13, 2021

Six GOP-Led States Begin Phasing Out Pandemic Unemployment Benefits as Businesses Struggle to Find Workers; New Jersey Plans Taxpayer-Funded $1K Stimulus Checks for Illegal Aliens, and other C-Virus Updates

Six GOP-led states begin phasing out pandemic unemployment benefits as businesses struggle to find workers:
Six states have now announced that they will stop participating in the federal government's supplemental pandemic unemployment program early in an effort to get people back to work.
On Tuesday, Iowa became the most recent state to announce a premature end to the benefits program. The Republican governors of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Dakota, and Montana have also notified their labor forces that payments will be cut off in the coming weeks.
Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said that while the pandemic-related unemployment benefit programs initially provided “crucial assistance” at the outset of the health crisis, they are now discouraging some Iowans from finding work, even though there are jobs available. Reynolds said that the benefits would expire on June 12.
“Our unemployment rate is at 3.7%, vaccines are available to anyone who wants one, and we have more jobs available than unemployed people,” the governor said. “Regular unemployment benefits will remain available, as they did before the pandemic, but it’s time for everyone who can to get back to work.” --->READ MORE HERE
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New Jersey Plans Taxpayer-Funded $1K Stimulus Checks for Illegal Aliens:
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is planning to provide eligible illegal aliens in his state with up to $1,000 stimulus checks, paid for by the state’s taxpayers.
As part of a $275 million budget package, Murphy is offering eligible illegal aliens — those who were unable to secure state and federal relief during the Chinese coronavirus crisis — about $40 million worth of taxpayer-funded aid in the form of one-time stimulus checks.
Eligible illegal aliens could receive up to $1,000 and up to $2,000 per household. Murphy’s office said they may consider a second round of stimulus checks for illegal aliens at a later date depending on federal aid for New Jersey.
The move comes after illegal aliens in New Jersey started a hunger strike, demanding they receive $2,000 stimulus checks, as Breitbart News reported. --->READ MORE HERE
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