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Republicans are Being Lured into an Infrastructure Trap; Biden's Non-Infrastructure Infrastructure Bill, and related stories

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Republicans Are Being Lured into an Infrastructure Trap:
The Washington Post informs us today that Democrats are open to concessions on their infrastructure bill. And isn’t that generous? Joe Biden, the Post says, is even willing to break up his $2.3 trillion boondoggle-to-be into smaller, more palatable bills for the moderates — even if it only attracts “a handful of Republicans.”
Democrats, explains the Post, “are hunting for a framework to sell the infrastructure proposals that doesn’t sound too liberal,” hoping to entice centrists by framing the bill as “bold moderation.”
Well, as long as it doesn’t sound too liberal, that’s what’s important.
Why would any sentient conservative participate in this deception? Biden’s bill has as little to do with genuine infrastructure as his COVID-relief bill had to do with the pandemic. Approximately 7 percent of spending in the bill is aimed at boosting roads and bridges, or projects traditionally viewed as infrastructure by the public. Besides, are conservatives interested in further nationalizing green policy, or building more useless choo-choo-train tracks, or bailing out unions again? Are they interested in continuing to participate in the creation of bloated spending baselines? As it is, the United States already spends somewhere around $440 billion each year on infrastructure. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden's non-infrastructure infrastructure bill:
Well, they’re at it again. Since the left can’t sell its ideas to the American public honestly, it’s changing the definitions of words yet again to get its agenda passed. This time, it’s the word “infrastructure,” as in President Joe Biden’s recent “infrastructure” bill.
Mr. Biden used his address to Congress last week to try to sell the American public on a huge far-left wish list of new spending and programs, including his “American Jobs Plan.”
Infrastructure has been commonly understood to mean projects like roads and bridges. In fact, we’re being sold this massive bill because we’ve been told for years that our roads and bridges are crumbling all around us.
Yet, in Biden’s budget-busting $2.25 trillion plan, less than 5 percent of those dollars actually get spent on traditional road and bridge projects. Much of the rest is spent on left-wing priorities that don’t even come close to meeting the definition of infrastructure. Those priorities likely wouldn’t get public support if Mr. Biden and his allies were honest with the American people about what the bill actually contained.
But that’s precisely why they have to change the definitions of words. If you fraudulently label something “infrastructure,” it becomes a “must-pass” bill.
This new definition of shovel-ready infrastructure includes massive amounts of corporate welfare, a huge expansion of Medicaid benefits, federal rules to undermine right-to-work laws across the country, a “Civilian Climate Corps” that would use billions of taxpayer dollars to fund legions of environmental activists, and billions in subsidies for buying electric vehicles. --->READ MORE HERE
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