Tuesday, May 11, 2021

President Joe Sanders; Pharmaceutical Companies Warn Biden Patent Waiver Would Hurt COVID-19 Vaccine Production; COVID Vaccine Makers Prepare For Long Legal Battle As US Backs IP Waiver, and related stories

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President Joe Sanders:
The vaccine patent decision is the latest example of Biden’s far-left governance.
The White House this week proposed to strip drug companies of their vaccine patents, an act hailed by adulators as “moral leadership.” It’s better seen as the encapsulation of the Biden presidency—a case study in fictional narratives, executive overreach, recklessness, and kowtowing to the left.
The biopharmaceutical industry in under a year accomplished a modern miracle—designing a breakthrough vaccine to counter Covid-19; engineering a ground-up production process; and climbing a logistical Everest. It was a triumph of innovation, investment and capitalism, a moment that deserves to be celebrated.
Instead, the Biden administration supports a proposal in the World Trade Organization that would “waive” the intellectual-property rights of the companies that accomplished this feat, giving away their technology to every drugmaker in the world. Put another way, Mr. Biden is freely handing American invention to China—the country that routinely steals it, and whose Wuhan lab might have been the source of the virus.
The move is in keeping with the administration’s refusal to acknowledge the history of the vaccine achievement. Team Biden continues its willful disregard of Operation Warp Speed, in part because it is too petty to give credit to any person, company or initiative connected to the Trump administration. --->READ MORE HERE
Pharmaceutical companies warn Biden patent waiver would hurt COVID-19 vaccine production:
The pharmaceutical industry is arguing that President Joe Biden’s decision to back a waiver for COVID-19 vaccine patent protections will undermine innovation and shrink the already-strained supply chain.
“It's an empty promise. ... It's not going to lead to more shots in arms. In fact, it's likely to make the situation worse because patents aren't the problem,” Stephen Ubl, CEO of pharmaceutical industry trade group PhRMA said on Fox Friday.
The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that the United States would support a proposal moving through the World Trade Organization to lift intellectual property protections temporarily on coronavirus vaccines in an effort to aid other countries struggling to quell devastating outbreaks. U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai called the administration’s policy reversal “extraordinary measures … in service of ending this pandemic.”
The Biden administration has justified the move on the grounds that temporarily lifting patent protections on COVID-19 vaccines will grant poorer countries the legal authority to develop generic versions of the shots. --->READ MORE HERE
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