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New Evidence Emerges, Backs Up Report That John Kerry Leaked to Iran; Why We Can’t Trust John Kerry’s Denial Of Betraying Intel About Israel, and related stories

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New Evidence Emerges, Backs Up Report That John Kerry Leaked to Iran:
A new report backs up news accounts that the Iranian official who was caught on a leaked audio tape saying John Kerry told him about Israeli attacks on Iranian interests in Syria insisted Kerry was his first source of information about the attacks.
Last week, The New York Times reported that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told an interviewer conducting an oral history project that Kerry had told him Israel had struck around 200 Iranian targets in Syria. A tape of the interview was leaked.
According to the translation published by The Times in a follow-up report, the comment came in the context of Zarif complaining Iran’s military did not give him enough information.
“Kerry has to tell me that Israel has attacked you 200 times in Syria?” Zarif, said, as quoted by The Times.
“You did not know?” the interviewer then asked twice.
In a report published Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon said it subjected the tape to an independent translation, and also found that Zarif insisted Kerry was the original source of the information. --->READ MORE HERE
Why We Can’t Trust John Kerry’s Denial Of Betraying Intel About Israel:
Maybe we should be giving John Kerry the benefit of the doubt. After all, why wouldn’t Americans take the word of a former secretary of state over that of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, an official of a country that is an open adversary of the United States? Since the history of American negotiations with Iran largely consists of lies told by the mouthpieces of the Islamist regime, there’s good reason to be skeptical of anything that comes out of Zarif’s mouth.
Kerry is under fire because of a New York Times article that reports the paper obtained a leaked tape of a conversation between Zarif and an ally. Most of the article concerned Zarif’s complaints about his rivals within the Islamist regime, especially the late Qassim Suleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the terrorist leader U.S. forces killed in 2020.
But the Times buried the lede in its story, waiting until the 22nd paragraph before dropping the real bombshell, which consisted of Zarif claiming it was Kerry who had informed him of Israeli attacks on Iranian targets: “It was former U.S. Foreign Secretary [sic] John Kerry who told me Israel had launched more than 200 attacks on Iranian forces in Syria.” --->READ MORE HERE
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