Monday, May 17, 2021

Netanyahu: Israel is Responding to Hamas as US Would with Terrorists; Israel Bombs Building Housing Biased Media and Hamas, Biased Media Omits Mention of Hamas Presence, and related stories

Netanyahu: Israel is responding to Hamas as US would with terrorists:
Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu said Sunday that Israel is responding to Hamas militants the same way the US would if it were on the receiving end of a barrage of missile attacks from a terror group in New York or the nation’s capital.
“The fact is they’re sending thousands of rockets on our cities with a specific purpose of murdering our civilians from these places. What would you do if it happened to Washington, to New York? You know damned well what you would do,” Netanyahu told host John Dickerson during an interview Sunday on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”
Netanyahu was asked about the increasing death toll among Palestinians and Israelis in the escalating violence, and about reports that Egypt brokered a truce that he rejected.
“That’s not what I know. And, frankly, if Hamas thought that they could just fire rockets and then sit back and enjoy immunity. That’s false. We are targeting a terrorist organization that is targeting our civilians and hiding behind their civilians, using them as human shields,” he said. --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Khalil Hamra
Israel Bombs Building Housing Biased Media and Hamas, Biased Media Omits Mention of Hamas Presence:
The Associated Press report Saturday morning on the bombing of its own building in Gaza City reads like a Hamas press release. It begins: “An Israeli airstrike destroyed a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed offices of The Associated Press and other media outlets on Saturday, hours after another air raid on a densely populated refugee camp in the city killed at least 10 Palestinians from an extended family, mostly children.” The dastardly Israeli war machine is at it again, eh? Not quite: the building was home not just to AP and Al Jazeera, but to Hamas military intelligence. AP’s report, in keeping with its stylistic guidelines requiring no news to be reported that makes the Palestinian jihadis look bad or Israel look good, doesn’t mention the presence of Hamas.
AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt moved the media narrative ahead with a statement fulminating against Israel and again omitting any mention of the fact that Hamas shared a building with AP’s reporters, which is altogether fitting – why should Hamas not have its press agency in close proximity? Pruitt stated: “We are shocked and horrified that the Israeli military would target and destroy the building housing AP’s bureau and other news organizations in Gaza. They have long known the location of our bureau and knew journalists were there. We received a warning that the building would be hit.”
Self-contradictorily, just a few lines after admitting that the IDF, in accord with its usual practice, had warned the occupants that the building would get hit and had given occupants time to evacuate, Pruitt labored to give the impression that his intrepid “journalists” made it out of the building in the nick of time, just ahead of the Israeli merchants of death: “This is an incredibly disturbing development. We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life. A dozen AP journalists and freelancers were inside the building and thankfully we were able to evacuate them in time.” --->READ MORE HERE
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