Sunday, May 16, 2021

Homeless Camps Are Taking Over the West Coast; LA Experiencing Alarming Jump in Fires at Homeless Encampments, and related stories

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Homeless Camps Are Taking Over the West Coast:
Democrat cities have allowed hundreds of homeless encampments to pop up along the West Coast.
Homelessness isn’t new to places like San Francisco, L.A., Seattle, Sacramento, and so on. I was in Portland 12 years ago for a comedy gig. The park in front of the club looked like a scene from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Today it looks like the Walking Dead.
Homeless camps are popping up all over the West Coast and bringing violence, drugs, weapons, and defecation with them. When I was a kid, camping meant fishing and catching toads, not getting shot and stepping in people poop.
Los Angeles has seen a 50% increase in homelessness over the last five years. LA’s Venice Beach homeless encampment recently had an explosion and a shooting. The question city officials are asking: where did they find the ammo?
A local barbershop owner was attacked by a homeless man and his pit bull. The victim, Kevin Buttress, was knocked unconscious by a skateboard. Before you know it we will see a swarm of recalcitrant, shaggy-bearded homeless dudes riding Segues through crowds on the boardwalk. The skateboard-swinging attacker was arrested but was returned to the Venice Beach boardwalk within days because of jailhouse Covid restrictions. Buttress said shootings, stabbings, and violent crime are now common on the boardwalk of one of Los Angele’s most famous beaches. The Venice boardwalk is known for restaurants, shops, street performers, and now 200+ tents of “mostly peaceful” bomb-tossing bums. --->READ MORE HERE
Los Angeles experiencing alarming jump in fires at homeless encampments:
As the homeless crisis continues to grow in the city of Los Angeles, the fire department is responding to an increasing number of fires at encampments.
In 2018, there was an average of seven fires a day at encampments and in 2021, that number has more than tripled to 25. Fires involving the few hundred homeless who live at the Venice Beach boardwalk has been such a problem, the L.A. Fire Department has added a fast-response vehicle on patrol to put fires out before they spread.
"You've got an emergency going on down here. If there were wildfires, an earthquake, we would help the people. Instead, we just leave them in the street to fend for themselves," said Shawn Stern, a 34-year resident of Venice Beach.
"People are using fires for lots of different things. Cooking, keeping warm. Inevitably, you've got tents, clothes on the ground, inevitably fires start," said Stern. --->READ MORE HERE
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