Sunday, May 23, 2021

Doctor: Risk of COVID is now very low — it’s time to stop living in fear; Maskhole! Chris Cuomo wears face covering alone in convertible, and other C-Virus Updates

Risk of COVID is now very low — it’s time to stop living in fear: doctor
COVID cases are collapsing in front of our eyes. Daily cases are now one-tenth the number of daily flu cases in the middle of a mild flu season, with a now-identical case fatality rate. That’s because the few Americans testing positive are often young, feel fine, and underwent testing as a screening requirement for playing sports or attending gatherings.
The US positive rate is now at a record low, below 3%. Projections for the coming weeks and months are even more favorable. That’s because roughly 80% to 85% of adults are now immune — more than 6 in 10 adults are now vaccinated and more than half of unvaccinated adults have natural immunity from prior infection. In public health, when a virus has trouble jumping around because more than 8 in 10 adults in a community are blocking its transmission, we call that herd immunity.
Yet some people want the pandemic to stretch out longer, insisting on a futile goal of absolute risk eradication.
Posturing to be on the side of science, they ignore the science on the effectiveness of vaccinated and natural immunity and dangle variant fears. They wear masks after being fully vaccinated even though there has never been a documented cases of a fully vaccinated person who is asymptomatic transmitting the virus.
They’ve paralyzed the nation with fear. --->READ MORE HERE
Maskhole! Chris Cuomo wears face covering alone in convertible:
If only he played it this safe with his journalism ethics …
Fully vaccinated CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has taken mask-wearing to absurd heights — covering his face as he cruised alone in a convertible with the top down amid the latest scandal to hit his family.
Photos show the “Cuomo Prime Time” host wearing a surgical mask and waving as he rolled through Sag Harbor in his blue Firebird with an expired inspection sticker on Thursday, despite CDC and state guidance that says it’s safe for people vaccinated against COVID-19 to go mask-free outside.
Cuomo was jabbed in March and previously infected with the virus, greatly reducing his risk of catching it again. --->READ MORE HERE
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