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Critical Race Propaganda; How Critical Race Theory Is Taught in Public Schools; Biden’s Support Of Critical Race Theory Tells You All You Need To Know About His Version Of ‘Unity’, and related stories

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Critical race propaganda:
A new Department of Education draft rule promises schools that “incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse perspectives” into their history and civics programs will receive priority consideration for funding.
In layman’s terms, that means make way for the pushing of critical race theory, err, propaganda, into the most impressionable minds in America — the youth.
Why would schools — cash-strapped as they claim they are, led by leftists as they definitely are, filled with members of the Democratic-Socialists of America as they are, and fueled by Marxist-like rails against capitalism and the Constitution, as they are — why would these angry sources of anti-Americanism turn down taxpayer money just to teach something they believe in anyway?
Critical race theory is basically teaching a world view that starts with skin color, and then circles everything that happens in life back to that — to something for which one has no control: a physical feature. And that’s what makes CRT so deliciously enticing to Democrats. If everything is tied to race — if the existing constructs of a land, a government, a people can all be connected to an assumption of institutionalized racism — then personal accountability is not a factor. Anything an individual does is excusable; everything a person does is due to some other factor. --->READ MORE HERE
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How Critical Race Theory Is Taught in Public Schools:
Critical race theory is making its way into institutions across America.
Christopher Rufo, a visiting fellow for domestic policy studies at The Heritage Foundation, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss how critical race theory is affecting what children learn in schools. (The Daily Signal is Heritage’s multimedia news outlet.)
“Critical race theory is an academic discipline … that holds that racism is the driving force in society, that in order to understand power relations, in order to understand institutions such as the law, education, the Constitution, [and] social relations, you have to understand that through the lens of race,” Rufo, also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, says.
Rufo explains how critical race theory is affecting corporate America and what can be done about it. --->READ MORE HERE
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