Monday, May 3, 2021

Confused Elderly Dictator Delivers Rambling Speech Demanding Money; Biden's Pie-in-the-Sky Tax Plan Won't Foot the Bill For His Boondoggles, But It Will Harm the Economy, and related stories

Confused Elderly Dictator Delivers Rambling Speech Demanding Money:
Biden finally got around to delivering his State of the Union address and is was almost as worth the wait as the Oscars.
Sometimes the pills work and sometimes they don't.
They really didn't work this time around. The same identity politics theatrics were there as at the Oscars. And just as at the Oscars, the man of the hour turned out to be an elderly man who wasn't there. Except Anthony Hopkins wasn't there physically. Joe Biden wasn't there mentally.
Instead, Americans got something closer to Biden unfiltered, squinting in bafflement, turning his head from side to side like a wind-up doll, and delivering a long tedious series of demands for money, empty promises, and even more hollow talking points.
The set was empty. And so many empty seats only highlighted the utter emptiness of this administration. --->READ MORE HERE
Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP
Biden's Pie-in-the-Sky Tax Plan Won't Foot the Bill For His Boondoggles, But It Will Harm the Economy:
On Wednesday, during his speech before a joint session of Congress, President Joe Biden called his big-government boondoggles “fiscally responsible” because he has a plan to pay for them: taxing the wealthy. His unrealistic tax plan doesn’t come close to footing the bill — but it will damage the U.S. economy overall, according to Heritage Foundation analysts.
“President Biden’s massive tax hikes would harm the American people. When taxes go up, wages go down, costs go up, and the number of people working goes down. Now, as the economy is just beginning to recover, is the worst time to be increasing the tax burden on small businesses,” Matt Dickerson, director of the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget, told PJ Media.
Biden did not flesh out his tax plan in vivid detail, but he did present broad strokes.
“I will not impose any tax increases on people making less than $400,000 a year,” he promised. “It’s time for corporate America and the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans to pay their fair share, just their fair share.”
Biden claimed that 55 of America’s largest corporations — which made more than $40 billion in profits — paid zero in federal income tax in 2020. He mentioned tax havens like the Cayman Islands, tax loopholes, and tax deductions, promising to rein in these tax-evasion efforts. --->READ MORE HERE
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