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California Recall Election: Everything You Need to Know About the Race Against Gov. Gavin Newsom; What Happens Next? and related stories

California recall election: Everything you need to know about the race against Gov. Gavin Newsom:
Here we go again, California. It looks like we'll be facing a recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2021.
Recalls in California are convoluted, at times comical, and this time around - expensive. Confused about what comes next? When and how to cast your vote? We're breaking down everything you need to know about the 2021 California governor's recall election.
Why is Gov. Newsom being recalled?
The recall petition was introduced in February 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in California. The reasons stated on the recall petition don't actually have anything to do with Newsom's handling of coronavirus.
The petitioners' grievances include:
"Laws he endorsed favor foreign nationals, in our country illegally, over that of our own citizens. People in this state suffer the highest taxes in the nation, the highest homelessness rates, and the lowest quality of life as a result. He has imposed sanctuary state status and fails to enforce immigration laws. He unilaterally over-ruled the will of the people regarding the death penalty. He seeks to impose additional burdens on our state by the following; removing the protections of Proposition 13, rationing our water use, increasing taxes and restricting parental rights." --->READ MORE HERE
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WSJ: Gavin Newsom Recall: What Happens Next?
California Gov. Gavin Newsom is almost certain to face a recall election in the fall of 2021 after California’s secretary of state confirmed on April 26 that election officials have verified 1.63 million signatures on a recall petition. Just under 1.5 million verified signatures were needed.
Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, has said he is prepared for a recall election. “The reality is, it looks like it’s going on the ballot,” he said at a press conference in March. “We will fight it, we will defeat it. At the same time, it’s not going to keep me from focusing on my job 24-7.”
Here’s how the recall effort started and what happens next.
How did the recall effort begin?
This is the sixth attempt by Republican activists to qualify a recall of Mr. Newsom since he was elected in 2018; the other five have failed.
The most recent push is championed by a retired sheriff’s deputy and Northern California resident named Orrin Heatlie. In November, a Sacramento County judge granted Mr. Heatlie extra time to gather signatures, citing closures due to the coronavirus pandemic that had hampered his efforts.
That same month, local media reported that Mr. Newsom had eaten with friends at the swanky French Laundry restaurant in Napa at the same time he was urging residents to avoid gathering with people outside their households. Mr. Newsom has said the French Laundry dinner was an error in judgment. --->LOTS MORE HERE
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