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Biden's Failure to Address Border Crisis is Beyond Irresponsible; Border In Chaos: 17 Texas Counties Declare Emergencies, Border Patrol Dismantles Multiple Human Smuggling Operations, and related stories

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Biden's failure to address border crisis is beyond irresponsible:
The most glaring omission from President Biden‘s speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night was his shameful failure to address — or even acknowledge — the illegal-immigration crisis at the southern border.
A “mea culpa” would have been nice, but that was neither in the cards, nor on the teleprompter.
Speaking to the nation on the eve of his 100th day in office, Mr. Biden called perfunctorily for “comprehensive immigration reform,” but not until nearly an hour into his unimpressive and unpersuasive 67-minute speech.
Even then, he did so without taking responsibility for the out-of-control surge of illegal immigration into Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico that has occurred since he took office on Jan. 20.
Mr. Biden lit the fuse on that time bomb within hours of arriving in the Oval Office by rescinding most of the actions his predecessor, President Donald Trump, had taken to secure the border. Among other things, he halted construction of the border wall and ended the “stay in Mexico policy” for migrants and would-be asylum-seekers. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo by U.S. Border Patrol Laredo Sector
Border In Chaos: 17 Texas Counties Declare Emergencies, Border Patrol Dismantles Multiple Human Smuggling Operations:
Earlier this week, PJ Media was the first to report that 12 Texas counties have declared emergencies due to the chaos the Biden border policies are causing. Since then, we have learned that four more counties have declared emergencies, bringing the total to 17. The additional counties that have or are set to declare emergencies are Davis, Medina, Terrell, Val Verde, and Live Oak. The land area these counties cover includes regions well away from the border and is larger than many whole states.
The Border Patrol continues doing what it can, with no policy help from Washington, to stem the tide of human trafficking that has exploded across the border. In a Facebook post, the Laredo Sector of the Border Patrol reports that it busted three human smuggling sites in half a day.
Yesterday, within a span of 12 hours, #USBP Laredo Sector agents working with Laredo Police Department, Webb-County Constable Pct 2, and federal law enforcement partners, discovered and dismantled three residential properties throughout Laredo that were being utilized as human smuggling stash houses. The discovery led to the arrest of over 180 undocumented individuals who were found in deplorable conditions. These apprehensions were a result of a collaborative effort between Border Patrol and our partners who work diligently to stop the housing of large numbers of undocumented individuals in our communities.

The stash houses were discovered in the south, central, and north Laredo. This shows that all areas of the city are being affected by these transnational criminal organizations.

One residence was discovered in north Laredo near a church and the Laredo Country Club. Packed inside were 65 undocumented individuals....
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