Friday, May 21, 2021

Biden Supreme Court Panel Meets, Sets Plan to Study Court Packing, Term Limits; Begins Considering Expansion Proposals; As Abortion Case Looms, and related stories

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Biden Supreme Court panel meets, sets plan to study court packing, term limits:
President Biden’s commission empaneled to study the Supreme Court and whether more justices should be added to the bench held its first — but brief — public hearing on Wednesday.
Members were sworn in, adopted bylaws and outlined goals for the next few months in a roughly half-hour meeting. The commission is charged with producing a report on its findings by Nov. 15.
The next public meeting in late June will witnesses testifying on proposed changes to the court.
“We expect that many people will want to offer their testimony and comments to the commission,” said Bob Bauer, a co-chair of the commission.
Mr. Bauer served as White House counsel to former President Obama from 2009-2011. --->READ MORE HERE
Biden commission begins considering Supreme Court expansion proposals:
President Joe Biden’s commission tasked with studying potential changes to the structure and size of the Supreme Court held its first meeting on Wednesday, where leaders announced how they will handle questions about court expansion.
The commission, a panel of 36 legal experts co-led by Obama alumni Bob Bauer and Cristina Rodriguez, met in a 20-minute public session in which it laid out a road map for a raft of reform proposals. These include studying the scope of judicial review, calls for term limits or mandatory retirements, and the controversial subject of court-packing.
The commission will meet five more times over the next 180 days and produce a report without any specific policy recommendations for Biden. The president announced his intention to create the commission on the 2020 campaign trail, while at the same time saying that he was “not a fan” of court-packing.
When studying that issue, Nancy Gertner, a former federal judge and a professor at Harvard Law School, said that the commission will look at court expansion broadly. --->READ MORE HERE

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