Thursday, May 27, 2021

After Burying Story, Mainstream Media Suddenly Wonders Where COVID-19 Originated; Trump proclaims ‘I was right’ as HHS chief urges WHO probe into Wuhan ‘lab leak’, and other C-Virus Updates

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After burying story, mainstream media suddenly wonders where COVID-19 originated:
Scientists, senior members of Biden administration now muse about whether virus emerged from Wuhan lab
magine if a virus suddenly emerged — sweeping across the entire world, killing nearly 3.5 million people and causing billions to hunker down in their homes for more than a year — and the U.S. mainstream media went: “meh.”
Sure, the MSM has endlessly hyped the dangers of COVID-19, immediately repeating every dire prediction by every so-called expert (although the CDC and top immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci have flip-flopped numerous times — another meh from the media).
Yet the legacy (read: liberal) media haven’t bothered to pursue an answer to the main question: Where he @%&*$# did COVID-19 come from? In fact, the MSM long ago ruled out the theory that COVID-19 emerged from a lab, instead declaring it came from a “wet market,” likely from a bat — a story Communist China pressed early and often, to great success. --->READ MORE HERE
Trump proclaims ‘I was right’ as HHS chief urges WHO probe into Wuhan ‘lab leak’:
Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he “was right” all along to pin the COVID-19 pandemic on China as the Biden administration called on the World Health Organization to begin a “transparent, science-based” investigation of the virus’ origins.
US Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra on Tuesday urged the WHO to launch a second investigation into the origins of the pandemic as the “lab leak” theory gains traction.
Becerra said in a video message that the international organization must conduct a “transparent” probe after a widely panned initial WHO review controlled by China, which said the virus likely emerged naturally from animals.
“Phase 2 of the COVID origins study must be launched with terms of reference that are transparent, science-based and give international experts the independence to fully assess the source of the virus and the early days of the outbreak,” Becerra said. --->READ MORE HERE
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