Monday, April 19, 2021

Why Work When You Can Get Paid to Stay Home? "Biden's Trillions" Spark Historic Labor Shortage: Record 42% Of Businesses Can't Fill Job Openings

"Biden's Trillions" Spark Historic Labor Shortage: Record 42% Of Businesses Can't Fill Job Openings:
Last week we made a remarkable observation: despite some 100 million Americans not in the labor force (of which 94 million do not want a job)...
... there is now a full-blown labor shortage in the US, for one simple reason - trillions in Biden stimulus are now incentivizing potential workers not to seek gainful employment, but to sit back and collect the next stimmy check for doing absolutely nothing in what is becoming the world's greatest "under the radar" experiment in Universal Basic Income.
Consider the following striking anecdotes:
> Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, Melissa Anderson laid off all three full-time employees of her jewelry-making company, Silver Chest Creations in Burkesville, Ky. She tried to rehire one of them in September and another in January as business recovered, but they refused to come back, she says. “They’re not looking for work.”
> Sierra Pacific Industries, which manufactures doors, windows, and millwork, is so desperate to fill openings that it’s offering hiring bonuses of up to $1,500 at its factories in California, Washington, and Wisconsin. In rural Northern California, the Red Bluff Job Training Center is trying to lure young people with extra-large pizzas in the hope that some who stop by can be persuaded to fill out a job application. “We’re trying to get inside their head and help them find employment. Businesses would be so eager to train them,” says Kathy Garcia, the business services and marketing manager. “There are absolutely no job seekers."
Even more amazing: a stunning 91% of small businesses surveyed by the NFIB said they had few or no qualified applicants for job openings in the past three months, tied for the third highest since that question was added to the NFIB survey in 1993. --->READ MORE HERE
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Businesses are struggling to hire workers — and say Uncle Sam is to blame:
Workers are hard to find despite the vaccination rollout and a stubbornly high unemployment rate — and business owners say Uncle Sam is to blame.
Just this past Monday, Sean Macari, owner of a job recruitment company in Albany, offered a 25-year-old woman who hasn’t worked in 12 months a job as a recruiter making $47,000 a year, plus health insurance and commissions.
The next day, the applicant made a counteroffer for 17 percent more, or $55,000.
“I thought we could meet in the middle,” Macari, chief executive of Valiant Search told The Post. But the applicant, like two others who turned down the same job the week prior, walked away when her counteroffer wasn’t fully met.
Macari is among a growing number of employers grappling with a perversely tight labor market as the economy heats up — despite an unemployment rate of 6 percent. It has many employers convinced that they’re unfairly competing against federal stimulus benefits that, combined with regular unemployment checks, stand to pay workers as much or even more than they might get from a job. --->READ MORE HERE

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