Monday, April 12, 2021

The Texas Apocalypse That Wasn’t; Dr. Fauci Can't Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening, and other C-Virus Updates

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The Texas Apocalypse That Wasn’t:
When Texas lifted its mask mandate, many criticized the state. As its cases decline and other states fare worse, where are those critics now?
It’s now been about a month since the state of Texas lifted its mask mandate. To say this was controversial would be an understatement.
Critics of the move instantly forecast doom. President Biden set the tone by dubbing the decision “Neanderthal thinking” that would put both Texans and the rest of the country at risk.
Legislators in Texas and beyond joined in. Former San Antonio mayor Julián Castro called the move part of “Abbott’s desperate political games.” California governor Gavin Newsom said it was “absolutely reckless.” Former Texas congressman and Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke made the rounds on cable television, repeatedly calling the measure a “death warrant” for the state. --->READ MORE HERE
Dr. Fauci Can't Explain Why Texas COVID Cases Keep Dropping Despite Reopening:
More than a month has passed since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott shocked the Faucis of the world by scrapping COVID-inspired restrictions on businesses and individuals, including removing the mask mandate. The decisions prompted Dr. Anthony Fauci and legions of public health "experts" to warn about the devastating consequences - thousands of unnecessary deaths would result, they said - however, as the data show, practically every metric has shown that the Lone Star State's outbreak has continued to recede, even as blue states like Michigan are seeing a new surge in infections (believed to be driven by "mutant" strains).
As epidemiologists everywhere have struggled to come up with an explanation, it's worth noting that Texans are dining out more, according to Opentable seatings, which have become a closely watched proxy for post-quarantine economic activity.
As experts have struggled to come up with a satisfying answer, Dr. Fauci was asked about the phenomenon during an interview on MSNBC Tuesday morning as the senior advisor to President Biden made the rounds. As MSNBC noted, "if you go to looks like 2019... the restaurants are full...the ballparks are full..." and yet, cases have continued to tick downward. --->READ MORE HERE
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