Friday, April 23, 2021

The Death of Law and Order Is Destroying America; Democrat-Run Portland and Minneapolis Are Burning … Again, and related stories

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The Death of Law and Order Is Destroying America:
Unfortunately, history is repeating itself. Last summer, many of us watched in horror as rioting and looting took place in cities across the country.
We saw police in Seattle abandon one of their precincts to a mob. We saw looters shoot dead a retired police officer trying to protect his friend’s store. And we saw nightly attacks on federal buildings in Portland, Oregon—among other disturbing scenes.
And, sadly, we saw similar scenes playing themselves out again just recently, with the violence seeming to occur so frequently that it’s difficult to keep up.
In Portland, where Antifa has rioted almost nightly for nearly a year, the mob set fire to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building Sunday night with agents inside.
Why has this lawlessness been permitted to continue for nearly a year?
It’s largely a rhetorical question because the answers are obvious. These Antifa-inspired mobs have been permitted to repeatedly attack federal buildings, destroy local businesses, and assault law enforcement officers for the past year because politicians sympathize with Antifa and support its cause. --->READ MORE HERE
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Nolte: Democrat-Run Portland and Minneapolis Are Burning … Again:
The Democrat-run cities of Minneapolis and Portland are both on fire … again. Over the weekend, in Democrat-run Portland, the left-wing terrorists in Antifa tried to burn down government buildings with people in them … again. In Democrat-run Minneapolis, the left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter burned and looted and rioted … again.
Anyway… How was your weekend?
My weekend? Well, I live out here in Rural MAGA Land, so my weekend was like every weekend in Rural MAGA Land… In a word blissful. Clean air. Clean water. No shootings. No lootings. No riots. No racial tension. The wind was a little chillier than I would have liked.
Nevertheless, I mustered through and still got my camper washed and cleaned and ready to go. Got my pickup washed. Watched movies. Grilled burgers. Chatted with neighbors. Walked dogs. It was nice. You know, the usual-usual.
Thanks for asking!
Isn’t it odd how us Trump voters are relentlessly smeared as violent, racist, and anti-environment, and yet, out where we all live and all own guns, it’s peaceful, there are no racial problems, and our air, water, and streets are safe and clean?
Meanwhile, Democrat-run Portland — where Democrats have had a monopoly on power for decades — is on fire again. --->READ MORE HERE
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