Thursday, April 8, 2021

TERRORISTS & CRIMINALS: Terrorists Are Crossing America’s Porous Borders And Biden Is Making It Worse; Criminal Alien Arrests near U.S. Border Exceed 4500 in 2021, and related stories

Terrorists Are Crossing America’s Porous Borders And Biden Is Making It Worse:
During the 2016 election, one of the major issues the media refused to discuss was the extent to which foreign-born nationals might play a role in jihadist terror attacks on U.S. soil. This was during the height of the debate over the admission of Syrian refugees and against the backdrop of the migrant crisis and subsequent terror attacks in Europe. (Indeed, there are signs the recent mass shooting on a grocery store in Colorado may have been an Islamist terror attack – the shooter was a Syrian refugee who came here as a child and was a U.S. citizen.)
But given that a key plank in Donald Trump’s platform was the insistence on building “a big, beautiful wall” to keep out potential terrorists, among other threats, the last thing the media wanted to do was admit that terrorism was a potential consequence of a porous border. So the media mercilessly mocked and derided claims that foreign terrorists might seek to cross a largely open border as the fever dreams of xenophobic rubes.
The irony was that America’s intelligence and counterterrorism officials were all too aware of the cross-border threat. After 9/11, with bipartisan support, the U.S. government built an expansive covert intelligence system intended to detect and intercept this very real threat. It is worth keeping this backdrop of media silence in mind to contrast against while reading Todd Bensman’s America’s Covert Border War: The Untold Story of the Nation’s Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration. --->READ MORE HERE
EXCLUSIVE: Criminal Alien Arrests near U.S. Border Exceed 4500 in 2021:
As the Border Patrol struggles to deal with the surge of migrants this fiscal year, one law enforcement source, speaking on a condition of anonymity, informs Breitbart Texas that more than 4,500 criminal aliens with serious records have been apprehended since October 1, 2020–the beginning of Fiscal Year 2021.
The term criminal alien is not used by the Border Patrol to refer to migrants with standalone immigration violations. It is reserved for those with convictions for state and federal crimes like murder, rape, sexual assault, burglary, robbery, narcotics, and others.
On March 19, 2021, Border Patrol agents arrested eight subjects near Mission, Texas. Agents discovered one Honduran in the group had a prior arrest by the Suffolk County Police Department in New York in 2007.
The Honduran was charged with rape and forcible compulsion and course of sexual conduct against a child. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. --->READ MORE HERE
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