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Tears We Must Not Cry, Atrocities We Must Not Witness, Solutions We Must Not Grasp; Prosecutor to Offer Plea Deals for Girls, 13 and 15, Accused in Fatal D.C. Carjacking

Tears We Must Not Cry, Atrocities We Must Not Witness, Solutions We Must Not Grasp:
Horrific crimes demand action – action the Left forbids.
Every time I look at Mohammad Anwar's photo, I cry. I've not read his bio on the web. I can't find his bio on the web. The Wikipedia page devoted to Anwar is all of 258 words long. Everything I know about him, I see in his photo. Mohammad Anwar looks his age – 66. He is bald on top with black hair at the sides of his head. He wears heavy, black-framed glasses. He has a prominent nose and a bushy mustache.
He is wearing a dignified gray suit, gray shirt, and gray tie. There's just one restrained accent of color: a scarf around his neck sports one red stripe. He's probably overdressing for his job – Uber Eats driver. This is a gentleman who respects himself, and I respect him. This is the kind of guy who doesn't just hold up a family; he holds up a community.
It's his eyes that wreck me. In them, I see every immigrant dream. The pride. The self sacrifice. The dignity. This is a guy who would work long hours at a miserable job, who would silently swallow every slight, who would bounce up after every putdown, and do it all so that his kids and grandkids can enjoy a better life. When I look at a photo of Mohammad Anwar, I see my father. I see my mother's immigrant dreams. And I cry.
Anwar was a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan. I'm a critic of jihad and gender apartheid. I'm also a resident of a county with a high Muslim population. I have written as many stellar letters of recommendation for Muslim students as I have written articles critical of jihad and gender apartheid. In letter after letter, I have written, "You can rely on her." "He stands out from the rest of the class." "She was never late or absent." "He asked for extra work."
In my city, I have witnessed, over the course of a lifetime, Muslim immigrants make every sacrifice, work every job, put their kids into low-status, sometimes even dangerous schools, schools that were the only ones they could access, given their address and income. These parents make sure that their youngsters steer clear of any ugliness or danger around them and keep their eyes on the prize. Their children graduate with degrees that earn them solid employment. I've watched people come to the US with nothing and parent children who become pharmacists, computer technicians, real estate entrepreneurs, who can buy nice houses in good neighborhoods and send their own kids to Ivy League schools. --->READ MORE HERE
Erin Kenney
Prosecutor to offer plea deals for girls, 13 and 15, accused in fatal D.C. carjacking:
Lawyers for two teenage girls charged as juveniles in the fatal carjacking of a food delivery driver in the District will soon receive plea-bargain offers from a prosecutor, although a trial in the case remains possible, if not likely, according to discussions in court Wednesday.
Appearing via video in D.C. Superior Court for the second time since the deadly incident occurred March 23, the girls, 13 and 15, looked on silently as defense lawyers and a prosecutor from the D.C. attorney general’s office talked about the next steps in the case with Judge Lynn Leibovitz.
The prosecutor, Bonnie Lindemann, gave no indication that her office is contemplating an attempt to transfer the older girl’s case to adult court, as D.C. law would allow under certain circumstances. As for the younger girl, she could not be prosecuted as an adult in the District for any crime because of her age.
When Leibovitz asked Lindemann whether she had given the defense lawyers proposed plea agreements for the girls, the prosecutor replied: “Not yet, your honor. We expect to be able to do that in the next day or two.” --->READ MORE HERE
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