Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Republican Politicians Who Won’t Stand Up To The Left Are Worthless; Republicans Who Can’t Oppose Child Mutilation Should Get Out Of Office, and related stories

Republican Politicians Who Won’t Stand Up To The Left Are Worthless:
If GOP leaders aren’t willing to take on the left and wade into the culture wars, then conservatives should have no use for them.
It should be obvious by now that many, if not most, Republican leaders are worthless. It’s not just that they don’t seem to grasp what being a conservative means in the current moment, it’s that they have no interest in taking a stand against the ascendent forces of woke capitalism and an aggressive cultural left — even when they are presented with easy opportunities to do so.
Take Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, who was fool enough to go on Tucker Carlson’s show earlier this week to defend his veto of a bill that outlaws the genital mutilation and chemical castration of children. Carlson asked the governor a simple question: “Why do you think it’s important for conservatives to make certain that children can block their puberty, be chemically castrated? Why is that a conservative value?”
Carlson was right to frame the issue that way. After all, he noted, the state of Arkansas outlaws all kinds of behavior when it comes to minors — drinking, having sex, getting married, getting tattoos. Why, Carlson wanted to know, shouldn’t the state bar minors from undergoing experimental procedures that have irreversible, life-altering effects?
(Note that corporate media use inaccurate terms like “transgender health care” and “transgender treatment and surgeries,” which are euphemisms for castration and which Hutchinson apparently accepts; he used such language throughout the interview.) --->READ MORE HERE
Republicans Who Can’t Oppose Child Mutilation Should Get Out Of Office:
Protecting people from murder, assault, battery, and mutilation by criminals and predators is the first and most basic government function. A state that cannot do this has no moral legitimacy to do anything else.
To explain his veto of a bill that would have protected children from transgender genital mutilation, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson claimed it would be “a vast government overreach.”
Using language similar to North Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s in vetoing a bill to protect girls’ sports from unfair and irrational transgender male competition, Hutchinson further claimed:
I don’t shy away from the battle when it is necessary and defensible. But the most recent action of the general assembly, while well intended, is off course. And I must veto House Bill 1570.
House Bill 1570 would put the state as the definitive oracle of medical care overriding parents, patients, and healthcare experts. While in some instances the state must act to protect life, the state should not presume to jump into the middle of every medical, human, and ethical issue. This would be, and is, a vast government overreach.
Hutchinson’s excuses prove him to be an empty suit who understands nothing about the proper uses and abuses of government, a fool who can only parrot slogans without understanding one word that comes out of his own mouth. It is not “government overreach” for government to do its first and most basic job. --->READ MORE HERE
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