Thursday, April 1, 2021

NEWS FROM THE FRONT: Angry Texas Residents Reveal the Truth About Biden Admin's Migrant Housing; Border Democrat Calls on Biden to Return Unaccompanied Teenagers to Mexico, and other news from the border

Angry Texas Residents Reveal the Truth About Biden Admin's Migrant Housing:
Sometime in the overnight hours between March 14 and 15, in Midland, Texas, 500 unaccompanied minors who were taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection were bused into a “man camp” originally designed for oil workers to relieve overcrowding at other facilities.
The mayor of the town wasn’t notified, according to KOSA-TV. Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott says he only received word the day before the movement happened, he told Fox News. Then the mayor and a Midland County official said they contacted federal agencies, and were told, essentially, “We will circle back.”
No one in a position of authority seemed particularly happy when the news first broke, in other words. In the days since, the residents of Midland have also begun to grumble. Or, in some cases, do a bit more than grumble.
The U.K. Daily Mail spoke with three Midland residents, two who were unhappy about the nearly 500 minors, aged 12 to 17, being detained in the facility and one who supported the decision. Shon Crabtree, 42, who lives across from the camp, seemed the most unhappy with the move.
“They have doctors, chefs, three square meals a day, they play soccer all day. They are living better than us. I see them in new clothing, they line up for their meals three times a day, and then play and watch TV,” Crabtree said in the interview, published Wednesday. --->READ MORE HERE
Border Democrat calls on Biden to return unaccompanied teenagers to Mexico:
A House Democrat who represents a congressional district on the Texas-Mexico border called on the Biden administration to stop taking unaccompanied teenagers into custody and instead follow the Trump administration's policy.
“There is no perfect fix here. The administration is doing the right thing because the law requires that we process unaccompanied minors," Rep. Filemon Vela said in a statement obtained by the Washington Examiner. "However, we are in the middle of a pandemic and our systems are being overwhelmed. At some point, it is important to take a practical approach."
"Thirteen percent of the [unaccompanied children] are under the age of 12," said Vela, whose district is in the Rio Grande Valley, the busiest spot for illegal crossings on the entire border. "One logical approach to this situation would be to return the older teenagers to their home country and provide funding for an effort supervised by the United Nations to properly care for those teenagers upon their return. Then, once the pandemic is under control, you could phase the program back in so that there would be some semblance of control over the process. I think that this would help relieve the current burden.” --->READ MORE HERE
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