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It's Time for Conservatives and Sane Liberals to Unite Against Woke Marxists Before It's Too Late; Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Cancel Culture Is A Threat To Freedom, and related stories

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Josh Hammer: It's Time for Conservatives and Sane Liberals to Unite Against Woke Marxists Before It's Too Late:
The metastasis of the “woke” ideology is the most comprehensive threat facing the American republic.
It is appallingly totalitarian, insofar as the woke wield the levers of cancel culture to suppress all dissident speech, root out all wrongthink and achieve by sheer force an intellectual homogeneity.
It is outright racist, insofar as intersectionality and identity politics, to say nothing of vogue concepts such as “critical race theory” and “racial equity,” overtly discriminate on the basis of race and thus undermine the pre-eminent American ethos of equal protection under the law.
As if out of a dystopian novel, though, the woke ideology has nonetheless become the unifying creed of the American ruling class. That ruling class, which extends from public sector bureaucracies to the Fortune 500 to Hollywood to Silicon Valley and sundry others in between, has in recent years universally come to imbibe, promulgate and disseminate the core tenets of wokeness.
What’s more, that universality often takes the more insidious form of cross-institutional collusion: As Matthew Schmitz put it in a Tablet essay last September, “Governmental authorities and corporations now coordinate in enforcing the dictates of the new secular progressive faith.” --->READ MORE HERE
Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Cancel Culture Is A Threat To Freedom:
A majority of Americans see “cancel culture” as a threat to freedom, according to a new survey out this week.
The poll, reported exclusively by The Hill on Monday, shows 64 percent of those interviewed said there is “a growing cancel culture” which threatens their freedom. Thirty-six percent disagreed.
“Additionally, the poll found that 36 percent of Americans said cancel culture is a ‘big problem,’ while 32 percent called it a ‘moderate problem,'” the paper reported. “Another 20 percent said it was a ‘small problem’ and 13 percent said it is ‘not a problem.'”
The survey also revealed a majority of Americans are afraid to share their views online out of concern over retribution from their employers or Big Tech oligarchs who dictate speech in the 21st century digital public square.
“The poll found that 54 percent of respondents said they were ‘concerned’ that if they expressed their opinions online that they would be banned or fired, while 46 percent said they were not concerned,” The Hill reported.
The poll, conducted by the Harvard Center for American Political Studies with Harris Insights & Analytics between March 24-25, surveyed 1,945 registered voters. --->READ MORE HERE
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