Wednesday, April 14, 2021

If Democrats Really Want To ‘Stop Asian Hate,’ They Must Stop Reckless Decriminalization Laws; BLM Activist Charged With Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Protested in Seattle's CHOP Zone

If Democrats Really Want To ‘Stop Asian Hate,’ They Must Stop Reckless Decriminalization Laws
Democrats who claim to stand with the Asian American community against hate crimes are the same ones who will vote to endanger victims.
Two of California’s most progressive cities, Oakland and San Francisco, have seen a string of attacks against Asian Americans in recent months. For California Democrats, the response to this crime wave is not to punish criminals and protect law-abiding citizens, but to to the exact opposite.
A controversial crime bill now going through the Democratic-led California legislature is seeking to decriminalize robbery from a felony to a misdemeanor. The bill is sponsored by Democrat Senator Nancy Skinner, whose district covers from East Bay to Oakland, where Asian Americans have experienced increased attacks.
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “since the start of 2021, at least 32 Asians have been assaulted or robbed in the Bay Area.” Look at just a few of the most recent crimes here:
> Oakland, April 2, 2021, four people robbed two Asian seniors in front of their house. Fortunately, the couples’ son was home, and he chased the robbers away by waving a machete.
> Oakland, April 1, 2021, robbers tied an Asian couple in front of their 7-year-old daughter and brutally beat the husband before stealing the couple’s life savings.
> Oakland, March 9, 2021, a 75-year old Asian man, Pak Ho, was robbed and knocked to the ground by 26-year old Teaunte Bailey during Ho’s morning walk. Ho died two days later. Bailey has a criminal history dating back to 2012, including multiple felonies in Oakland, and only last month was he involved in an arm-robbery in San Francisco. --->LOTS MORE HERE
Black Lives Matter activist charged with hate crimes against Asian Americans protested in Seattle's CHOP zone
A Black Lives Matter protester who was charged with hate crimes against Asian Americans spent time in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone last summer.
Seattle Black Lives Matter activists said they remembered Christopher Hamner’s “creepy stares” when he protested with them last year, as well as actions they described as coming “out of left field.”
Hamner was arrested last month and charged with hate crimes for "violent, anti-Asian behavior” stemming from multiple occurrences.
One woman, Pamela Cole, said he threatened her and her children during a traffic incident. --->READ MORE HERE

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