Saturday, April 10, 2021

Explosive Report: Hunter Biden Finally Brought Down - 26-Year FBI Vet Nailed Him - Dynasty in Ruins; Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After 'Tell-All' Book Holds Back, and related stories

Explosive Report: Hunter Biden Finally Brought Down - 26-Year FBI Vet Nailed Him - Dynasty in Ruins
In a bombshell report published Thursday, the Daily Mail claimed to have authenticated the abandoned laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, and if its contents are indeed true, they should bring the world crashing down on the Biden family dynasty.
Hunter, according to a report first broken last fall by the New York Post, left a MacBook at a Delaware computer repair shop in April of 2019. Its contents led to reporting that purported to implicate now-President Joe Biden in an intentional pay-for-play business scheme — along with Hunter and others — in China.
The laptop also told a story of Hunter engaging in heavy drug use, paying for sex with prostitutes and engaging in a sordid, toxic and drug-fueled relationship with his late brother’s widow, Hallie Biden.
Hunter confirmed some of the details of his drug use in an interview this past week with CBS News: --->READ MORE HERE
Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After 'Tell-All' Book Holds Back:
With Hunter Biden on a serious image rehabilitation tour - a 'tell all' book combined with television interviews from friendly outlets designed to invoke pity over the First Son's crack and hooker habits, the Daily Mail is now telling the rest of the story regarding the contents of his abandoned laptop after Hunter admitted it 'certainly' could be his in a Sunday interview with CBS.
If you've seen the laptop photos which leaked last October, you can probably stop here. The Mail did spare us from blurred pictures of Hunter's wang, along with several sex tapes released by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.
After obtaining a copy of the hard drive, commissioned top cyber forensics experts Maryman & Associates to analyze its data and determine whether the laptop's contents were real.

The firm's founder, Brad Maryman, is a 29-year FBI veteran Supervisory Special Agent who served as an Information Security Officer and founded its first computer forensics lab. -Daily Mail
The Mail obtained over 100,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and over 2,000 photos which were verified by top forensics experts, which reveal that Joe 'became a punching bag for Hunter's drug-fueled rants,' and 'paid his grandchildren's bills when Hunter had drained his bank accounts with prostitutes and crack cocaine.' --->READ MORE HERE
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