Thursday, April 22, 2021

DeSantis Says Biden's 'reckless policy' of Releasing ILLEGAL Immigrants Prompted Lawsuit 'to have them actually follow the law'; Report: Biden Cuts Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens Up to 80 Percent. and related stories

Ron DeSantis says Biden's 'reckless policy' of releasing illegal immigrants prompted lawsuit 'to have them actually follow the law':
Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida's lawsuit against the Biden administration over a "reckless policy" of releasing illegal immigrants is intended to make the new administration "actually follow the law."
"This is a reckless policy that we are opposing here. Normally, when we'd have a criminal alien, convicted of a felony, they obviously served their sentence in Florida state prison. And prior to the Joe Biden administration, ICE would take control of them when they finish their sentence and remove the criminal alien and send them back to the home country," DeSantis told Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday morning Fox News show.
"That should be like clockwork. That is the biggest no-brainer there is," he added.
Florida sued the Biden administration last month, arguing the federal guidance on immigration prevents the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants. --->READ MORE HERE
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Report: Biden Cuts Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens Up to 80 Percent:
President Joe Biden’s administration has cut arrests of illegal aliens conducted by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency by up to 80 percent, a new report details.
An exclusive report by the Washington Times reveals that the Biden administration — thanks to its “sanctuary country” orders implemented in February — has made 75 percent fewer arrests for illegal aliens it considers “priority” and has cut those it considers “non-priority” by more than 80 percent compared to the same time last year.
Specifically, those “non-priority” arrests of illegal aliens by ICE have been cut from 17,810 at the beginning of 2020 to just 3,306 arrests in the first seven weeks of the Biden administration.
Even for the most hardened convicted criminal illegal aliens, the Biden administration has reduced the total arrested by ICE, the Times reports. The data shows: --->READ MORE HERE
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