Wednesday, April 7, 2021

California Teachers Now Demanding Free Childcare To Go To Work; Small-Time Landlords Struggle to Keep the Lights on as ‘Devastating’ Eviction Moratorium Continues, and other C-Virus Updates

California Teachers Now Demanding Free Childcare To Go To Work:
California’s largest teachers union is demanding the Los Angeles Unified School District grant educators subsidized child care before they resume in-person teaching.
“We call on LAUSD to stand behind a commitment to get through this crisis together by offering parents and care-giving educators the same choice they are offering families at large – the opportunity to continue caring for our loved ones – without leaving our jobs as the current model requires. Accommodations for working parents and caregivers are essential to ensuring that LAUSD retains employees,” a petition from United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) member Maya Daniels stated.
The petition, which already garnered more than 2,000 signatures, claimed that the district has a “moral and ethical obligation to support parents, including their own employees” by offering childcare options for “children below the age of 5, with special needs or medical risks, or attending other school districts” beyond the programs already provided by LAUSD. --->READ MORE HERE
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Small-Time Landlords Struggle to Keep the Lights on as ‘Devastating’ Eviction Moratorium Continues:
Stephanie Graves had a decision to make: buy new signage so she could open the pool at one of her apartment complexes, or pay the electric bill. She couldn’t afford both.
Ultimately, it wasn’t a hard decision. Lights are more important than a swimming pool.
“I need to keep my electricity on in the common areas so that the place isn’t black at night,” said Graves, who has an ownership stake in five Houston-area apartment complexes, and does third-party management for eleven other properties.
Graves is one of the millions of landlords and property owners in the U.S. struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an essential service – housing – while regularly getting painted as heartless by the mainstream media and slimed by progressive lawmakers and advocates who want to #CancelRent.
At one of Graves’s complexes, 14 of her 22 tenants are behind on rent. Some residents haven’t paid a cent since last June, and she said she’s been forced to tap into her personal savings to keep the business afloat. “The utilities, all those things, payroll, is coming out of my pocket,” she said.
Her opportunity to start collecting from her non-payers was pushed back again last week, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention extended its ban on evictions through at least June. It’s a move that some legal experts say is beyond the CDC’s authority. But keeping people in their homes – and out of homeless shelters – “by preventing evictions is a key step in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19,” CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said last week, defending the move. Housing advocates praised the extension as “essential.” --->READ MORE HERE
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