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Biden Team Learns Nothing and Forgets Nothing; Biden spending spree costs two Iraq Wars in three months, and related stories

Biden Team Learns Nothing and Forgets Nothing:
Like Talleyrand’s Bourbons, the Democrats have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Still remembering the heady Obama years, the Biden administration is working full bore on a program of not just replicating Obama’s policies, but multiplying their ambitions and costs despite forgetting their manifold failures. At the same time, Biden and the Dems obviously have learned nothing from Obama’s missteps in handling the Great Recession and disastrous Iran deal, and Donald Trump’s success in correcting those mistakes.
At a moment when the economic recovery from the pandemic downturn is starting to gather steam, such old feckless economic policies, if enacted, will also duplicate the malign consequences of Obama’s: one of the most sluggish recoveries from a recession on record, leading to unnecessary damage to the economy and workforce. And working to return to the Iran Deal will hasten a thug regime’s possession of nuclear weapons, and increase its regional disruptive adventurism.
Obama came into office in 2009 when the Great Recession was five months from ending.
Rather than using control of the whole government to pass policies, such as tax cuts, that would have strengthen the recovery, Obama instead hijacked one-sixth of GDP by passing Obamacare, a Rube Goldberg bill so complex and ill-written that it took over 40 signing orders from Obama to fix it. Then he added a near-trillion-dollar “stimulus” binge with “clean energy” subsidies and “investment” capital for political favorites, the famous “shovel ready jobs” that Obama chuckled weren’t so shovel-ready.
Finally, in a still-fragile economy, Obama also instituted during his tenure a total of 21 tax increases, in addition to thousands of new regulations and rules that added trillions of dollars of cost to the economy. As a result, the recovery of the recession was the slowest since WWII, impacting workforce participation, unemployment, and wage growth.
That history hasn’t deterred Biden’s advisors, who are doubling- and tripling-down on Obama’s program. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden spending spree costs two Iraq Wars in three months:
In the 48 years since he arrived on the banks of the Potomac, federal debt has exploded
Meet Joe Biden, America’s drunken sailor.
When Mr. Biden first came to Washington during the previous mini-Ice Age, federal debt was about $450 billion — a quaint little figure when you think about it these days.
In the 48 years since Mr. Biden arrived on the banks of the Potomac, federal debt has exploded. Today, it stands at $28 trillion — a figure that is literally beyond comprehension.
If Carl Sagan were still alive and we asked him to explain the enormity of it, he would say, “Wait? How big is that?”
Mr. Biden would reply, apparently: “Not big enough.”
And Sagan would respond, “Wait? Who let Joe Biden be president?”
The last time Joe Biden was allowed near the White House, he tacked more than $8 trillion to the national debt — mostly for all those “shovel-ready” projects that were not ready. Instead of “shovel-ready,” America suffered through the slowest recession-recovery in modern times. --->READ MORE HERE
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