Sunday, April 11, 2021

Biden Signs Executive Order on Supreme Court Reform Commission; Commission to Study Best Way to Pack the Supreme Court With Radicals, and related stories

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Biden signs executive order on Supreme Court reform commission:
President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday empaneling a commission to examine possible reforms to the Supreme Court and federal judiciary, making good on a campaign trail promise sparked by his predecessor's tilting of the federal bench.
Biden first floated the idea of such a commission last fall on the campaign trail following the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — whose seat on the high court was quickly filled by Amy Coney Barrett, installing a 6-3 majority of justices nominated by Republican presidents.
Ginsburg’s death in September, which allowed former President Donald Trump to make his third Supreme Court appointment in four years, sparked renewed interest in liberal circles about shaking up the court system in substantial ways.
Biden himself has said he’s “not a fan” of so-called court-packing — adding additional seats to the Supreme Court in order to alter its ideological balance — and held up the commission as a more conscientious approach to studying the issue. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden Announces Commission to Study Best Way to Pack the Supreme Court With Radicals:
President Joe Biden has announced the formation of a bipartisan commission to study ways to reform the Supreme Court, including packing it with radical Democrats.
“The Commission’s purpose is to provide an analysis of the principal arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against Supreme Court reform, including an appraisal of the merits and legality of particular reform proposals,” the White House said in a statement. “The topics it will examine include the genesis of the reform debate; the Court’s role in the Constitutional system; the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices.”
There is much to be concerned about in the commission’s mandate. It’s disturbing that the commission wants to examine the court’s “role in the Constitutional system.” Indeed, the Constitution says nothing about the Supreme Court being the final arbiter of constitutional questions. It’s one of those traditions that both Congress and the executive have recognized for 200 years.
Both George Washington and John Adams believed a president should determine if a law is constitutional. It wasn’t until Chief Justice John Marshall’s Marbury vs. Madison decision that the issue was settled in favor of the Supreme Court. --->READ MORE HERE
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