Saturday, April 24, 2021

AZ Gov. Ducey Demands Biden to Call National Emergency on Border Crisis; Ducey Declares State of Emergency at Border, Sends National Guard

Randy Hoeft/The Yuma Sun via AP
Arizona Gov. Ducey demands Biden to call national emergency on border crisis:
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) on Wednesday called on President Biden to do something to quell the illegal immigration “emergency” at the southern border.
“President Biden, if you want to stop the disaster that’s unfolding here and will only get worse, President Biden, you should declare a national emergency and deploy the vast powers of your administration to stop what’s happening here,” said Ducey, a frequent critic of the commander in chief.
He said the Arizona National Guard initially would be concentrated in the Yuma area, but could be sent to additional areas along the border amid the surge of illegal migrants at the border.
Ducey defended his decision to declare a state of emergency in four counties along the border and called on the administration to follow suit during a press conference in Yuma on Wednesday. --->READ MORE HERE
Ducey declares state of emergency at border, sends National Guard:
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has declared a state of emergency, blaming President Joe Biden for a surge of undocumented immigrants.
The governor announced Tuesday he’s deploying 250 National Guard troops, providing up to $25 million in initial funding for the mission.
"The situation in our border communities is just as bad – if not worse – than the coverage we've been seeing," Ducey said. "It's become evidently clear that Arizona needs the National Guard, and the White House is aware of that. Yet, to this day, there has been no action from this administration, and it doesn’t look like they are going to act any time soon. If this administration isn't going to do anything, then we will."
In his order, Ducey criticized Biden’s “catch-and-release” policies that, he said, caused an unforeseen influx of nationals coming to the southern border.
The Department of Homeland Security didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on Ducey’s declaration. Thousands of National Guard troops remain at the border after former President Donald Trump ordered them to increase their presence and build base walls in 2018. --->READ MORE HERE

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